A Comprehensive Guide To Becoming a Corporate Lawyer


Corporate lawyers are an important part of the business operations. A business needs legal guidance, which they can use to navigate the complex world of corporate law. Hence, it creates the demand for corporate lawyers. 

These lawyers can later specialize and provide tax attorney services, which are, in a way, essential for businesses to increase their profits and raise shareholder value. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the steps of how to become a corporate lawyer and how one can achieve that following the footsteps of the individuals who have achieved that feat. 

Step 1: Education

  • Bachelor’s degree: It is a necessary certificate that one needs to become officially a corporate lawyer. One needs to have a major in economics or political science. One first needs to know what the majors that the law school accepts and then select a subject in which you are comfortable to do your major in. 
  • LSAT (Law School Admission Test): It is the entrance test for admission to a law school. Depending on the score in this entrance exam, you will get the opportunity to study at Ivy League universities and can have better aspects in terms of career opportunities. 
  • Law School: Enrolling in a reputable law school is important as it can accelerate your career much faster, and you will get the opportunity to work for a reputed company where you will get to learn a lot. 

Step 2: Gain Experience

  • Internships: During your law school days, you can start going to work as an intern and join a law firm. It will give you practical knowledge of how things operate, and you can understand better what are the current things you are learning in your curriculum. 
  • Clerkships: Becoming a professional lawyer is like a fine wine; a person becomes better when they give themselves a proper time. In the initial stage, you can work with some judge and get to help them with their legal proceedings. With access to their cases, you will get to know about a variety of legal cases, which will increase your skill and knowledge. 

Step 3: Networking

  • Join Professional Associations: Becoming a member of the legal association is important, as it validates your skills and expertise, and you will be befriending some of the pioneers of your field. One can choose to join the American Bar Association (ABA), which helps them to market themselves as professionals to their clients. 
  • Attend Legal Events: Attending events can help you to network with a variety of people, which can help you to search for better opportunities. At these events, you can meet San Diego, California, tax attorneys who are experts on the tax side of the business. Through these gatherings, you can meet with your potential mentors and employers. 

Following these three simple steps helps you to kickstart your career and will offer you suitable opportunities where you can start your career as a corporate lawyer. After that, you can choose a specialization and can further improve your expertise in one aspect of corporate law.