AJ Styles Net Worth 2023 Salary Wife


It’s really surprising to know that AJ Styles joined wrestling school along with his friends for just enjoyment. In the beginning, he didn’t admire it at all, but as the day passes, he became more devoted to it. Now on the base of salary and net worth in 2023, AJ Styles lies among the leading paid wrestlers. Let’s have a look at his amazing professional and personal life. It is reported that at the start of the career, Styles wrestled with WWE but later he refused a developmental contract that was extended by the company. But with the gap of fourteen years, he did a multi-year agreement with WWE. In this second appearance, he looks in better shape. This is the reason that currently he holds the WWE Champion title. Overall, Styles has earned a lot of his income from contracts, merchandising, and achievement bonuses.

AJ Styles Net Worth 2023:

  • $6 Million

AJ Styles Salary 2023:

  • For last year, AJ Styles Salary was $3.5 Million.(Maybe, will change a bit for this year)

AJ Styles Net Worth 2023 Salary Wife

Career Details of AJ Styles:

Around two decades ago, Styles entered into the ring and fought for many independent sponsors, before getting mainstream experience in WCW. Henceforth from 2002 to 2013, Styles was identified for his possession in TNA. During his tenure in TNA, he achieved three times NWA World Heavyweight Championship as well as two times TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Throughout that time he was named ‘Mr. TNA’.

He was also the introductory face of X Division Champion hold this title six times. Styles’ career is loaded with achievements and honors. He is the first American wrestler to endeavor the TNA Triple Crown championship five times and the TNA Grand Slam championship twice.

By 2010, he turns out to be the first TNA-contracted wrestler and took the top position in the PWI 500 list. From 2002-2006, he wrestled in Ring of Honor and scored ROH Pure Championship.

He did an agreement with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2014 and conquered the first of two IWGP Heavyweight Championships. In his international tours, he garnered several significant honors like PWG World Championship and many others.

AJ Styles Wife:

Apart from the profession, he holds a very decent private life. For last eighteen years, he maintained a happy married life with the wife named Wendy Jones.


Short Bio:

This wrestler athlete was born in Jacksonville. He had suffered many problems in adolescence years. As his father was addicted to alcohol thus Styles explain his early days more than worse. He was a victim of the abusive behavior of his father for years. However, he received his formal education from Johnson High School and then further education from South Carolina. Before the start of the actual career, he did numerous odd jobs to fulfill his needs.

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