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Alexa Vega Net Worth 2018 Vs Husband Carlos Penavega

Four years ago this couple initiated their love life. Reports are that Carlos and Alexa met through mutual friends and then he proposed her in a cruise. A year later, the couple made their relationship strong and got wedded in Puerto Vallarta. If one compare net worth of Alexa Vega with Carlos Penavega, then in 2018 she is richer then her husband. But this difference has not affected their married life because both have this belief that their things are for each other. Moreover LexLovesLos, a YouTube channel launched by these two where they share Vlogs regularly. During last year the couple gave birth to their first baby. Now they are spending a happy time. Their mutual understanding shows that this relation will last for the year.

Before tying the knot with Carol, she was married to a film producer named Sean Covel. It is reported that Carol cheated her and they also mentioned that some other differences were also the main reason for divorce.

  • The story behind Huge Net Worth of Alexa Vega:

At the age of just 5, Alexa’s mother recognized her acting talent and then took her for the audition of a sitcom. There she brilliantly attained the role. At a later, she was offered to present her acting skills in a movie at the age of 6. Subsequently, she has seen in the movie ‘Nine Months’ and TV programs such as ‘Chicago Hope’ and ‘ER’. Afterwards, her limelight in numerous popular roles and amass acclaim.

Sixteen years ago Alexa presented her breakthrough performance when she was cast as in a spy adventure movie ‘Spy Kids’. The movie grossed a huge net worth and praise. Hence, to please her fans again she did a spinoff of the movie ‘Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams’ and ‘Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over’. However, six years ago the last part of the movie ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World’ was released.

Furthermore, Alexa is bestowed with an excellent voice. Till now, ‘Isle of Dreams’ is her first attempt as a singer. Two years ago Alexa also participated in the dancing contest ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but failed to win. So, from multiple resources, she gained a huge fame and income.

Alexa Vega Net Worth 2018 Vs Husband Carlos Penavega

Alexa and Carlos

  • Wealth Comparison:
 Alexa Vega  Net Worth Vs Husband  Carlos Penavega (pena jr)
 $12 Million $5 Million

Bio: This luminous icon of American entertainment industry was born in Miami. She is the daughter of Baruch (father) and Gina (mother). Baruch was a super talented photographer whereas Gina was a known model of her time. She spent first four years at Ocala, Florida and then later shifted to California along with her family. While at school, she was a very good athlete and can do water polo as well as cross-country running well. In addition, she also learned dance and took training of gymnasium.

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