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Brian Kilmeade Salary 2018 Net Worth Wife

Right after the studies, Brian was employed by Channel One News as a correspondent. Soon after, he moved to Ontario, and began working for KHCS-TV as an anchor and a host and co-hosted a sports program on radio. Afterward, he signed with the announcing team of mixed martial arts Promotion Company that conduct interviews with the candidates after the fight. In next year, Brian was promoted for two upcoming UFC’s. So, this helped him to increase his income to some extent. Brian served NBC WVIT on the freelance basis as a sports anchor.

He had offered the duties of sideline reporter for MSG Network. So these minor assignments supported him throughout his career. Brian has amused his fans for over 10 years through his comic skills. He initiated comic line from FOX network. Soon after, he was assigned as a co-host of morning show ‘Fox & Friends’, still, he is doing the show on weekdays.

In addition, he is doing his own show on radio and earning a massive amount of income. Brian’s Newport Journal was on-aired in Newport TV. He has written several non-fictional and fictional books. Books supported him lots to enhance his fame and wealth. He is also the author of several historical novels.

  • Kilmeade Salary 2018: Approximately $300 Thousand Dollars

Current Net Worth: $ 3 Million

Brain’s major source of wealth is hosting. Book publishing added a little to his income. He also keeps himself busy in coaching soccer when he doesn’t have sufficient work.

  • Brian Kilmeade Wife:

Currently, he spends a happy married life with one and only wife. Twenty-four years ago they tied the knot of this beautiful relation. Dawn Kilmeade (her wife) is purely a house lady, that’s why one cannot collect too much information about her.  Moreover, this couple has two daughters and a son.


Bio: This sensational television star is of Irish and Italian ancestry. Throughout his childhood days, he was fascinated by journalism. He attended School in East Massapequa for formal education. Later, Brian went to the Higher education institution in Brookville and completed his graduation with a Bachelors of Arts. This is the brief summary of this hardworking individual.

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