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Bryce Harper Net Worth 2018 Salary Contract How Much Does he Make a Year

It’s quite clear from professional stats that he is one of top professional baseballer from America. His age is just 23 and right now his net worth in 2018 is 6 Million USD, can you just believe that? Yes, it is true! The approximate detail of Bryce Harper salary he paid in his new contract as well how much does he make in a year is combined in below. Contract Details: He is quite young and even then he is making this much amount of income. He signed a two-year contract with Washington Nationals with the amount of guaranteed as well average salary of 10 Million Dollars. So one can split it into two parts if one calculates it as per year. He has also started few of the endorsements and some of the income comes from these sources too.


This is situated in Henderson. It is a small house which he bought four years ago at the cost of 762,000 Dollars. In the recent interview, Bryce Harper expressed this wish of him that he wants to buy a massive and dream house for his self. We are hopeful that sooner his net worth and salary will be increased then he will be buying and purchasing a dream home for his self, that day will sooner come in his life.

Bryce Harper


He has a Mercedes Benz and he also made some custom changing in his car.

We have seen that right now he is playing as an Outfielder player. He is an athlete; he knows that his individual performance is always important for his team as well for his career too. So he works hard to improve the performance that will good for him as well for his team to.

How Much Does Bryce Harper Make in a contract of the Year 2018?

  • Net Worth: 5 Million
  • Salary: 10 Million for 2 Years

As he is from Las Vegas, so we are quite sure that the entire people and residents of Las Vegas will be much proud of him. He is young but his income and net worth are not at all young, they are getting bigger. If more of the net worth of Bryce Harper during 2018 will be increased in the bank balance sheet in term of salary, it will come at media. Apart from his professional life, she is dating a pretty girlfriend for a long time. She is his first and maybe last love because she is a natural beauty and it’s not easy to find alternate of such pretty girl.

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