Buffon ended his career at the age of 45. FINALLY. Sadness


Gianluigi Buffon has ended his career as a footballer. The 45-year-old goalkeeper wrote about it in social networks after the preliminary agreement on the termination of his contract with Parma”. He made the final decision not to play at a professional level anymore, despite the fact that he had offers from different clubs.

Goalkeeper’s career

The Italian Buffon is one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of soccer. He started his career at Parma soccer club back in 1995 and will finish it finally at the same club in 2023. Throughout his soccer history, Gianluigi has been a goal defender for 3 clubs. At Juventus from 2001 to 2021, where he won championships 10 times. In addition, the goalkeeper was a member of the club Paris Saint-Germain from 2018 to 2019.

In total, he played 975 matches and got 825 goals. In 429 games, he defended the goal without conceding a single goal. In 2006 became a champion, although Buffon did not conquer the main European club tournament. However, this did not diminish his popularity among fans, who willingly bet on the outcome of matches with his participation in bookmakers. 24 betting withdrawal time is no exception and accepts different types of bets: direct, totals, forfeits and others.

Triumph of 2006

The goalkeeper’s collection includes the World Cup, which many other soccer celebrities cannot boast of. Including the title-winning footballer of our time, Dani Alves, who personally admitted to Buffon that he would swap 3 victories in the Champions League for one world success.

Before the triumphant game, few people believed in the victory of Italy over the Germans, because before that there was a series of failed games, so they almost did not bet on them. However, the main protagonist of this famous game was Buffon, who first reflected the most powerful Zizou’s header, and then in a series of penalties hypnotized Trezeguet. Of course, in the future, the goalkeeper was not able to repeat the result, or even come close to it. But today he is again the main figure on which bookmakers make predictions.

Predictions 24 betting BC

Today, many well-known bookmakers do not believe in the final departure of the goalkeeper, so they opened a line of bets on the future of the Italian. 24 betting official site believes that it is possible his transition to other clubs. But in any case, the last word remains with the goalkeeper, and only he can decide which option is most suitable for him: rest or further career.     

Buffon’s contract with Parma is for one more season, but leaving is still likely. After all, he was not even tempted by the huge money offered by clubs from Saudi Arabia. Most likely, he will stay in soccer. The media prophesize him a place as the director of the Italian national team. However, it all remains a mystery for now. But you can make a profit by betting at betting 24, guessing the outcome.

In addition, 24 betting casino BC offers other love offers of the outcome of events. For example, in which country Buffon will finish his career, and the odds are also different. Therefore, it is better to go to the official website of the bookmaker and make a bet that will meet your predictions. But whatever the choice of the goalkeeper, he will still remain a legend.

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