Chanel’s Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Making of a Chanel Bag


Buying a luxury handbag often means browsing the same handful of brands. Chanel is one of those brands which boasts an enviable history and presence on the accessory market, owing to the unique and revolutionary spirit of its founder – who spearheaded and created many of the trends which we still consider integral in today’s fashion. 

From the little black dress to the shoulder bag, Coco Chanel was a spirited designer who put her own priorities at the forefront of her designs. The results remain at the top of the style market today – with this article considering the craftsmanship of a Chanel handbag particularly. 

How Chanel became a luxury name in the handbag market

Many of the top brands in the handbag market owe their place to a combination of quality and refined style, with the high value materials and impeccable craftsmanship creating an air of exclusivity around each model which generates huge interest.

One of the hallmarks of any luxury brand is the limited number of pieces which are created and made available on the market, creating a high demand which is never met by supply. This discrepancy between supply and demand ensures that the price of every individual bag is high – with buyers outbidding each other to get their hands on an authentic original. 

Of course, when it comes to a Chanel handbag, there’s a bit more to it than simply the low supply and high demand. In comparison with other luxury brands, a great deal of Chanel’s popularity lies in the brand’s history and the heritage which shrouds each individual creation. Chanel, for example, created the 2.55 bag in 1955, which was the first of its kind to promote a longer shoulder strap for hands-free use. Chanel made this bag because she wanted an accessory which provided storage while leaving her free to carry other things – inspired by the shoulder bags used by soldiers in the war.

The 2.55 was reimagined as the Chanel Flap Bag by Karl Lagerfeld when he became a part of Chanel’s legacy – though many of the hallmarks of the original bag remain.

Other trademarks of Chanel, which make it such a popular brand on the market, include the quality of every bag, the limited collections and collaborations which breathe new life into existing collections, and of course the influence and appeal that comes from the vast celebrity following across the brand. 

The craftsmanship of a Chanel bag

There’s a reason why Chanel bags are often seen on the arms of the rich and famous, on the big screen and the small screen, and on the catwalk. Whether it’s an everyday style or one of the more outrageous and notable collaborations, Chanel always exudes incredible quality and pairs the finest materials with colour palettes, hardware and finishes which surpass the expectations of its audience every time. 

The intricate quality of the quilting, one specific hallmark seen across many Chanel bags, demonstrates just how precise the craftsmanship which goes into each bag actually is. The stitching uses a stitch and turn technique, called the ‘piqué retourné’, with the diamond stitching then topstitched onto the main body of the bag. 

Beyond the intricacies of specific bags and how they are created, a few things worth noting (which serve to elevate the value of each Chanel bag and the prestige of the brand even further) include the training that manufacturers go through, and the commitment of Chanel to its heritage in Europe. 

A Chanel handbag will only ever be made in Europe, keeping to the legacy of the brand and its home soil. Chanel artisan creators are put through training which lasts between four and five years before they join the inhouse team and use a variety of different techniques to bring specific aspects of the bag to life.

A Chanel bag is very much a labour of love; one which is intricately linked with the history and legacy of both the brand and its founder, and which indicates a revolutionary spirit in terms of functionality and aesthetic design.

Buying a Chanel bag

If you’re in the market for or are interested in buying a Chanel bag, make sure to visit a reputable reseller or auction – focussing on the hallmarks of an authentic bag, to ensure that your investment is protected and secure. 

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