Chat Gpt Vs. Assignment Writing Services: Can Ai Beat Expert Help?


You may have thought college years would be a cakewalk, but the reality is harsher than that. You can’t spend all your time having fun and hanging out with friends; you must also keep up with a colossal academic workload. And you may also have to manage working and studying – a tough feat in and of itself!

So, if you feel like cutting some corners to make your life easier, this desire is understandable. Students have been turning to special platforms like EssayPro for expert help with some assignments for years.

Enter GPT Chat. In 2022, it shook up the world of academia: students quickly realized that if it could generate news scripts, emails, and summaries, it could also probably do assignments for them. 

But is it really a good alternative to an assignment writing service? Let’s compare the two approaches!

How GPT Chat Fares in Academic Help

What is Chat GPT, you may wonder? In essence, GPT Chat is an AI tool created and maintained by OpenAI. It’s a chatbot trained on vast pools of texts that can generate content in the blink of an eye.

But can ChatGPT really replace every assignment writing service? Let’s compare its pros and cons before comparing it to expert help.


  • You don’t have to pay a dime for using this tool.
  • It’s easy to use; you just need to write a prompt instead of filling out forms.
  • You’ll get your first draft within seconds.


  • Accidental plagiarism. ChatGPT isn’t as smart or creative as a human expert: it simply learned to predict which word is likely to be the next. This leads to texts full of stale turns of phrases and clichés.
  • Academic sanctions. If your instructor suspects you used ChatGPT, they can easily verify or dispel their doubts using detectors like ZeroGPT.
  • Low quality. If the training dataset didn’t include much quality information on your topic, it can’t produce a quality text.
  • No fact-checking included. ChatGPT can’t tell true from false on its own; it may ‘hallucinate’ facts, dates, and names.
  • Issues with complex assignments. If your task requires extensive research or analysis, AI won’t be able to help you.
  • Unreliability. Some prompts will cause the tool to spit out errors. In peak hours, servers are overloaded, and you won’t be able to get access to it at all.

Now, How Do Assignment Writing Services Stack Up?

An assignment writing service is a platform that connects you with experts in your topic and ensures service quality. Some platforms like EssayPro have been in business for over a decade, managing to build a brand trusted by millions of customers.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of assignment writing help from a human expert.


  • Custom help. Your helper will follow your every requirement perfectly, from formatting to structure and tone of voice.
  • Verified originality. You’ll get a plagiarism report certifying your work is fully original, with all sources properly cited.
  • Full anonymity. All you need to get started is an email address, and your data will be heavily encrypted, whereas your ChatGPT usage history can be reviewed by OpenAI staff.
  • Wide-reaching assignment support. Unlike ChatGPT, platforms can help you with any type of order, no matter the complexity or creativity required.
  • Expertise at your service. These platforms vet every expert, so you can be sure your helper knows their way around the discipline, academic writing standards, and your topic.
  • Knowledge sharing. Getting help from an expert allows you to learn from the best of the best how to create A-worthy assignments yourself.


  • You can’t expect instant delivery: the fastest turnaround is usually three hours.
  • You may need to request revisions to ensure your order meets your expectations, which adds to the time required to complete it.
  • You’ll have to invest in these services as experts must be compensated fairly for their services.

So, Which One Is Better?

Assignment help services have made student life easier for over a decade, while ChatGPT was launched only in 2022. So, where platforms had the time to iron out all the kinks, the OpenAI creation is still in its early stages of development.

The bottom line is that ChatGPT can’t provide assignment help the same way a human expert would. It can’t independently research your topic, select the right sources, and craft a 100% original, creative, and error-free work.

What’s more, colleges and universities are cracking down on ChatGPT use. You may get sanctioned – or even expelled – for it if your AI-generated works are checked for AI footprint.

Combine that with the character limit on generated texts (you can generate up to 4,096 characters in one go), and there’s a clear winner in this standoff: assignment help experts!

Final Thoughts

Experts have nothing to worry about; artificial intelligence isn’t going to automate their jobs fully. Even though AI writing tools like ChatGPT can produce content in a flash, they’re still too unreliable. They can’t handle complex tasks – or even do basic fact-checking!

If you need academic help, you’ll be better off with a human expert at an assignment writing service giving you a hand. That’s because the platform is there to vet experts, protect your money, and maintain service quality.

Don’t know which platform you can trust? We’d advise you to start by reading essaypro review. It’s one of the oldest platforms, trusted by 1.5 million customers.

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