Choosing the Perfect Cap Constructions and Number of Bundles for your Luvme Hair


Curly human hair bundles have a lot of fans in the beauty industry. That’s because they help achieve a beautiful and natural-looking appearance. While these bundles offer many benefits, it all depends on cap construction and the number of bundles you need. These two are essential as they determine whether you will achieve your style and how you will look. This article will explore different cap constructions you can choose for your curly bundle. Also, it will consider how many bundles you need to achieve your desired look.

Cap Constructions to consider for curly human hair bundles

Full Lace Cap

Full lace caps are completely made from lace. So, they are a natural and versatile styling option. The full lace cap allows you to part your hair in any direction and make the cap appear as your natural hairline. This cap construction is breathable and comfortable. So, this is your best option if you will be wearing your curly bundles for a long time.

Lace Front Cap

Lace front caps are made from the same lace materials as full lace caps. But, the lace is only present at the front hairline to help create a realistic hairline. This construction allows you to part your hair in different directions and try various styling options. If you want to try hairstyles like updos with your hair, this cap construction is an ideal option.

360 Lace Cap

As the name suggests, 360 Lace Cap will have lace around your head. It combines the functions of a full lace and lace front cap. The lace panels are available all around the wig, granting you more opportunities to explore different hairstyles. At the center of this cap construction is a material that makes the cap more durable.

U-Part Cap

According to its name, a U-part cap has a U-shaped opening at the top. This makes it easier to blend your natural hair with the wig. This is an ideal cap construction to show off natural hair at the top and more volume with the curly human hair bundle.

Monofilament Cap

Monofilament cap construction features a breathable and thin mesh material at the top, resembling your natural scalp. This cap construction allows you to create a realistic scalp and natural-looking parting. Aside from looking natural, these caps are also comfortable. So it is a great choice if you want a natural-looking hairstyle with curly hair bundles.

How many Curly Human Hair Bundles Do I Need?

How many curly human hair bundles you will need is determined by the density and length of your natural hair. If your hair is short, you will need fewer bundles; but, you will need more if your hair is long. Also, for thick natural hair, you will need more bundles than if you have thin hair.

Generally, if your hair is 12 inches long, you will need between 2 to 3 bundles. If it’s 18 inches, you will be needing around 6 bundles. However, for hair length between 16 and 22 inches, 3 to 4 bundles should be enough for you to achieve your desired look.

Factors to Consider When Determining How Many Curly Human Hair Bundles You Need

There are several things to consider when determining how many curly bundles you need. A few of these factors are desired fullness, hair length, and desired look. Here are the factors:

Desired Fullness and Volume

How voluminous do you want your hair to appear? How full you want them to be will determine the number of curly bundles you need. You will need fewer bundles if you want something subtle and not too voluminous. However, you will need more bundles if you want to have voluminous hair.

Hair Length

Another important thing you must consider is your hair length. The longer your hair length, the more bundles you need. But, shorter hair length requires fewer bundles.

Hair Texture and Curl Pattern

Although curly human hair bundles appear fuller and thicker than straight hair, the curl pattern also determines how many bundles you need.

Head Size

Your head size also matters; the larger the circumference, the more bundles you need to make the hair look full.

Style and Parting

Your desired style and parting direction also determine whether you will need more or fewer curly human hair bundles.

Other factors

Other things you need to consider are whether you will be using frontal or closure. These can determine how many bundles you will need. Since both allow you to create a realistic hairline, you might need fewer bundles. In addition, you need to ask yourself if you will blend the bundles with your natural hair or just layer them. Irrespective of your choice, you won’t need a lot of curly hair bundles.

Where to Buy High-Quality Curly Human Hair Bundles

The source of your wig is important as it determines many things. As much as you are happy to buy curly human hair bundles, always do your research to buy from a good wig brand. There are different brands you can explore online and offline. Read reviews about them and ask for recommendations. To save you the stress of looking for a reliable wig source, you can buy from a wig brand like Luvme Hair. The brand offers high-quality curly human hair bundles and other wigs.


If you are buying curly human hair bundles for the first time, you might struggle with the number of bundles you need and the best cap construction. This article explored different cap constructions and the number of bundles you need. Also, factors to consider to determine how many bundles you need. This will save you time, effort, and money; you only need to follow this guide to buy the bundle you will need for your next hairstyle.

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