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Christian Ponder Salary 2018 Vs Wife Samantha Steele Net Worth

No doubt, Ponder’s earning increases his market value. Since the beginning of the current context, Ponder has earned around $9 M whereas the net worth of his wife (Samantha Steele) is almost same as his income. Half a decade ago they got married at an exclusive ceremony and now enjoying parenthood. She has earned around $11 M so far is an American reporter, sportscaster, and TV personality. She is contributing to the industry from her teenage years. Samantha’s name is placed among the hardworking journalist who touches the sky of fame within a very short time period.

  • Christian Ponder Current Salary in 2018: $1 M

Career Income Differentiation:

Christian Ponder Net Worth            Vs Wife Samantha Steele Net Worth
$9 M $11 M

These days Samantha is serving as a sideline reporter for ESPN college basketball and football. She is also hosting a TV series from last year season to onward. Her replacement on the game show for other Sportscaster added a lot to her income. Before joining the ESPN, she worked for a couple of TV broadcasting company.

Ponder began his professional career when he was drafted by Minnesota Vikings in the first round. Six years ago he won his first starting NFL quarterback. For initial four years of career, he played various successful seasons with Minnesota Vikings. A couple of years ago, Ponder was ranked at the 9th position in Vikings history into quarterback yards and at 10th position in passing touchdowns.

After Vikings, Oakland Raiders called him and then he signed a one year contract with a bonus fee of $ 1.5 million. While playing for Oakland, he received an offer from Philadelphia Eagles which he ignored and moved to Denver Broncos. Now, Ponder is playing for San Francisco 49ers. The worth of the contract is $0.8 M that excludes guarantees or signing bonus.

Christian Ponder Salary 2018 Vs Wife Samantha Steele Net Worth

Ponder and Samantha

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This promising NFL player was born to a great footballer father. For the duration of three years David his father was a prominent member of Florida State team as a defensive lineman. Thus, he is his real inspiration. During high school years, he received various honors. Due to his performances, Ponder got an athletic scholarship from several prestigious universities of the world.

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