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Connor Mcdavid Salary 2018 Net Worth How Much Money does he Make

The exceptional performances of McDavid gave him a worldwide recognition and by setting many new records for this teenager. Thus, his achievements enhance his market value and income too. He is awarded several prestigious awards and honors in the short career span. Besides salary, sponsorship’s also magnified his net worth. He has signed a deal with Reebok, Crosby and (a company known for making equipment’s). Reports state that he is heavily paid by CCM and is in the contract from the last couple of year and will associate with this for next 5 years.

Connor Mcdavid Salary 2018: $ 845,000

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Net Worth: $ 1.5 M

This Outstanding ice hockey player was born in Richmond Hill. Brian, his father is a trainer of ice hockey at a small level but has an excellent record in coaching. He is the recipient of many trophies too. At the age of 6, Mcdavid skated for the first time. A year later, the hockey associated visited his hometown. However, they found him underage and didn’t let him play.

Consequently, Connor father was concerned about his interest and put his name down with a team in nearby Aurora. He played with his seniors there. Then McDavid became a member of another team in Aurora. There he played under his father’s guidance and team brilliantly won Ontario Minor Association events and then he was notified by several clubs.

Six years ago, Connor joined a junior ice hockey team. Though for him it was not a rewarding decision to join Toronto Marlboros and leave York Simcoe Express. Further, he studied and began playing for university ice hockey team ‘Terriers’. This choice enables him to give his best and make a name in (OHL).

Connor Mcdavid Salary 2018 Net Worth How Much Money does he Make


As mentioned earlier that McDavid availed an opportunity to play in the OHL at the junior level. He also gave his performances for Greater Ontario Hockey League. Two years ago, Edmonton Otters drafted him in NHL and then entered the ice hockey world professionally. Now he is currently playing for them. Undoubtedly he is improving himself that will make him the best player of the upcoming time.

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