Craig Kimbrel Salary 2021 New Contract Net Worth

You must have this valuable information that this professional baseball player named Craig Kimbrel right now plays at a position of number 46. This is the reason that his annual salary is quite a massive one. Here his new contract 2021 describes item by item with his current net worth is inquired. Salary: Reliable sources have given these figures that he has a salary of 13 Million Dollars per year. His 3 years contract with the Chicago Cubs has now made him one of the famous and distinguished one baseball players. As he had this wish to remain close to its home, Huntsville, that is why he signed this deal. But overall this contract is good for him and for his team to.

Craig Kimbrel Salary in 2021:

In the last contract, his annual salary was used to be 13 million dollars per year but now it has been increased to 16 Million Dollars per year.

  • Overall his signed agreements gave him the amount of 43,000,000 Dollars.  

All of us know that he has been successful in the 139 out of the 154 career games and many more money and cash making opportunities are on its way for him.

Net Worth: Round About $60 Million

A part from his professional life he is happy in personal life with only wife and girlfriend named Ashley Holt.

Craig Kimbrel relation


For the information, he has a signed a 43 Million Dollars contract with the current team. This contract will lasted from last year till the time of 2023. We are quite sure that all of the Huntsville citizens must be right now proud of him as he is making the name of his hometown proud!

  • Probably this is the last year of this contract, let see what he will decide in the upcoming year.

Craig Kimbrel Interesting Facts:

Wife Ashley Holt
Daughter Lydia Joy
Contract He is part of Chicago Cubs
Age 33 Year
Eye Color N/A

This all is an overview of Craig Kimbrel financial health details that he paid as salary in the new contract of 2021! This also made his final net worth; this is the beginning of his career. With respect to his form its looks that he will sign the next contract with more than this amount that will increase his annual income.

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