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Cristiano Ronaldo Salary 2018 per Week Earnings Yearly Income

When it comes to the world’s best footballers, when it comes to the endorsement of brands, when we talk about the fashion and styling icons then just one and a single name pop in our mind, yes we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo! He plays with style, he has an attitude in his personality, and he got that charm in his eyes and voice. He knows how to play in a sports field and how to act while endorsing the brands. He has sports playing techniques and camera capturing face. It is also quite obvious that this best soccer player is earning huge. Some time he tops the earnings figures and some time gets the second spot. Check out the current status of Cristiano Ronaldo per week salary in 2018 along with his expected upcoming yearly income.

 For the information, his net worth has been currently estimated to be around £500.000 a week. Do you know that his annual salary amounts to around $40 Million per year? Yes, it is true! During last year, he was marked as the World’s Highest and massively Paid Athletes. Being the three-time and that too on the continuous basis, he is called as the FIFA best player in this world.

In that year, his income reached to $50 M a year in salary and because of his amazing performance, his bonus runs through. As we know that he is one of the most endorsed footballers. He is currently and at present at the 4th spot when it comes to the endorsement deal in the world of sports. He is endorsing Nike and making about £14.1 M on a per year basis.

  • Salary on bases of per Week in 2018: £365,000

There is no doubt that he is the world’s highest sort of paid athlete and it is since the time of past 12 months. When it comes to his yearly salary and also bonuses, when we talk about the endorsements then no one can beat his earnings.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This year he is making 88 Million Dollars, he is making around $56 M from his salary and about 32 M Dollars from his endorsements. He is the most valuable player; he is the best and recommended the marketable player. He has worked with brands of Nike and Tag Heuer, he has worked with Armani and Konami and too with Adidas. He has sponsored Gucci and Forbes and also Castrol. Yes, without a doubt, he is the richest player. If he will keep in good form then sure a handsome amount will add in 2018 yearly income. Along with this, he is also awesome human being, he always tries to enjoy life.

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