Drew Barrymore Net Worth 2016 2017 Vs Ex Husband Will Kopelman How Much

Profession of Drew Barrymore is very clear. She is an American actress and also an author. She is a director and to a model and she has carried out some of the production tasks as well. Her age is 41 and here one get all info of her earnings that how much this actress has managed to make a net worth in her life as compared to ex husband Will Kopelman in 2016 and 2017. In recent years she is focusing on her beauty business line, this actress has too appeared in few of the films and struggled to increase her wealth. We have managed to receive this information that this actress has million dollars because of her acting career.

This year she has taken divorce from her husband and do you know that their divorce was termed as one of the most expensive one in the celeb world.

Overall Earnings Comparison:

    Drew Barrymore Net Worth   Ex Will Kopelman Net Worth
                  $125 Million                       $5 Million

Along with acting it is because of her production company and because of the publishing of her books that she is making this much amount of money.

 Yearly Income:

  • $17 M

Thirty four years ago she had actually started her career. At that time, she was only and just seven years old and her salary at that time was $75,000.


She has this charming looking $7.5 million home and it is located in the dreamy place of Santa Barbara. She too has a home in Los Angeles. She is the owner of this $6.35 Million Montecito magical looking Mansion. She is a richest actress and yes she is the owner of many of the mansions and grand villas as well.

Drew Barrymore with family

These are not completely accurate details of Drew Barrymore related to her income and too net worth information but they are really close enough.  If this actress will carry out more projects and endorsement deals, here they will update because these future projects and deals will also affect her net worth and income salary. Mean while her ex husband Will Kopelman will also do work on multiple project, so how much he will earn in this 2016 and upcoming year 2017 will also reveal soon. Although this break up effects their earnings but again they are coming back to normal lives.

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