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Ellen Degeneres 2018 Net Worth Salary Wealth Vs Wife Portia De Rossi Income

She is one of the greatest comedians. Ellen DeGeneres is such a talented woman that she can do television hosting. She can do acting and writes as well. With the perspective of personal life she is not straight; nine years ago she got married to a well-known actress named Portia de Rossi. Both of them are now living right with their four dogs and with their three cats. So how much this powerful lady Ellen Degeneres is earning; her net worth salary and overall wealth in 2018 and what is the income status of her wife Portia De Rossi, you can know from here:

As we know that Ellen is one of the recognized and most watched faces in this world of show business. It is her talk show that made her so much famous. She is the 50th most powerful and strongest woman as ranked by a top business magazine. She is at the number Two (2) spot when it comes to the list of World Pride Power.

 Ellen Degeneres Net Worth 2018:

  • $350 Million

She is watched by millions of viewers, and that is why she has this huge amount of wealth.

  • Ellen Degeneres Salary 2018:

She comes with an annual salary of between $(70 to 80) Million. Do you know that she makes about $250,000 Dollars on a daily basis? Yes, it is true! She is making around $(4 to 5) Million on a monthly basis.

  • Ellen Degeneres Wealth 2018:

Online, these stats are not achievable.

 Portia de Rossi Net Worth 2018:

  • Her net worth is 25 M Dollars.

Professionally she is a model turned actress and a philanthropist. It was reported that Ellen gave this surprise to Portia by gifting the 170,000 dollars car. It is this recent gift which she has given to Rossi.

Ellen Degeneres 2018 Net worth Salary Wealth Vs Wife Portia De Rossi Income

only Degeneres and Portia De

We can say that Ellen is earning quite huge. She is into the world of million dollars. We cannot estimate and imagine what more she has to earn! Her show ranking is all going high. Such an impressive net worth she has Just Amazing…..Meanwhile, they also send a clear message to the community that two strong ladies also spends a happy life together.

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