Emma Watson Meet and Greet 2019: How to Meet Her?

Gorgeous and hardworking British television icon Emma Watson was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is her full name. She is the daughter of Chris Watson (father) and Jacqueline Luesby (mother). Both of her parents are lawyer by profession. She lived for the first five years in Paris but after her parent’s separation, she moved to Oxfordshire with her younger brother and mother. Since a tender age, Emma wished to become a known actress, therefore, she attended the Stagecoach Theater Arts to follow her dreams while joining Dragon School at Oxford.

At the age of 10, Emma showed her skills in various school plays and Stagecoach productions. Her teacher motivated her to give audition for Hermione Granger (Harry Potter’s best friend). She successfully passed the audition and in a while won the author’s heart J.K. Rowling by herself. So, the novel also helped to increase her popularity.

In 2003, Emma had to leave the school because of her busy and tough routine thereafter she began taking tuition for over 5 hours a day for GCSE exams. She passed the GCSE exams with good grades. For further education, she enrolled in Brown University and achieved her graduate degree.

Emma has a very friendly nature. She likes to meet and greet to her fans and of course like to have a friendly outing with them.

Emma Watson Meet and Greet 2019:

  • A schedule of the Emma Watson meet and greet 2019 has yet not finalized.

How to Meet Emma Watson in 2019?

  • There is no information about her meet and greet events but privately she enjoys to meet the fans.

Emma Watson

Short Career Detail of Emma Watson:

Emma’s professional breakthrough was seen in 1999 at the age of nine when she was chosen to present the role of Hermione Granger for Harry Potter movies alongside Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. The movie was drastically admired across the world and earned more than $974 million in the first hit. So, the Harry Potter series dole out her career wonderfully.

Consequently, her lavishing role leads her to perform in eight Harry Potter movies. At the Harry Potter’s climax, Emma earned $15-$20 Million every year just from her acting salary. She is a fashion icon; she modeled for a dozen fashion magazines and did a lot of quality work for Burberry. Thus it enhances her earning too.

How much is Emma Watson Worth or Wealth in 2019?

  • About $85 M

Recently, Emma was ranked at the 6th position by Forbes for the category of ‘Most Valuable Young Stars’. In February 2010, Emma became the affluent personality and was called by ‘Hollywood’s highest-paid female star’ as she earned $85 Million in 2019. Surely, these are very good figures.

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