How Much does Walking Dead Cast Make per Episode Salary in 2023

This highest-rated horror TV series “The Walking Dead” was directed by a famous director Frank. The series was brought out in the comic book, having the same title as the series but written down by Robert. Last year, the series was first premiered on cable channel AMC. Gradually, the ranking of the show increases drastically and as a result, AMC channel releases the new season of the series every year. The series has successfully completed six seasons and recently the seventh season of the series has started. Most of the shooting took place in several parts of Atlanta. This comprises notable characters and casts. So, by thinking of the show’s massive success, the whole cast of the show earns reasonable salaries. Not so high as compared to the other TV series. The salary detail of Walking Dead Cast in 2023 that how much do they make on bases of per episode is listing down.

The series has gathered the viewers of all ages. From youngest to eldest everyone finds time to watch their favorite program. In addition, the series has gained several awards since its broadcasting. It was selected for a Golden Globe for the category of Best TV Drama.

Walking Dead Cast Salary in 2023:

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Andrew Lincoln– As he is the most notable man in the series so he is getting the highest pay. Before the series, he was the infamous man of the industry. He has made a name for the series and is now earning $ 90,000 for every episode. So he owns around $8 Million.

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Jon Bernthal- Jon Bernthal was cast as Shan in the series. He was featured as a close friend and police partner of Andrew.  He has earned a total net worth of around $2.6 M.

Sarah Wayne Callis- She has done the role of Andrew’s wife and thinks that her husband is dead and is now having an affair with police officer Jon. For her incredible work, she is has earned around $2.3 Million.

Laurie Holden- Lauren as Andrea in the series is doing the role of the lawyer. She is also seen as a member of the survivor’s group in the series. Currently, she holds $ 2.8 M.

How Much does Walking Dead Cast Make per Episode Salary in 2023

A part of tv series Laurie

Jeffery DeMunn- His name is placed at the 6 position in the cast and character ranking by Wikipedia. In series, Jeffery is seen as the owner of RV. Now he has a total net worth of $ 2.5 Million.

Steven Yeun- Steven is the survivor of Rick’s life and is doing the role of pizza delivery boy. He has owned a fortune of $4 M. On bases of per episode he got paid $80,000.

Note: The Exact amount of per episode salary of Walking Dead Cast is not available online in 2023, but these are varying from $50 K to $90 K. According to the success of this series, the above figures are quite a reasonable one. Sure they deserve more money than this one.

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