How much is Kim Kardashian Worth 2018 Vs Husband Kanye West

She owes a significant wealth to her television career and to her business empire. She has enough potential to manage several businesses at one time. Kim along with her sister is smoothly running a chain of fashion and retail businesses. Furthermore, she has also launched her clothing line as well as cosmetics line and has perfume line. Her branded bronzing products are also available in the market. Endorsements also increase her net worth and it is believed that she is taking endorsements from premium companies. She is also paid for exclusive interviews as well as she is collecting from every single tweet. Video game booted her income too.

She owns an application which increases her money on daily basis. It is seen that Kardashain is earning from multiple valuable resources. It is interesting to know that the net worth of Kim is almost equal to her husband. There earnings comparison that during 2018 how much is Kim Kardashian worth Vs her husband Kanye West is in below.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth in 2018 Kanye West Net Worth in 2018
$ 150 M $ 160 M

Currently, she is enjoying her marital life with this man who is contributing and earning in the entertainment industry as a singer, song writing, rapping, record producing and fashion designer. Moreover, West has launched a splendid show line for Louis Vuitton. He is collaborating with Nike for a sneakers line. He is also a philanthropist, involved in many charitable works.

The most affluent model, TV personality, and socialite were born in California. Kim parents divorced and her mother remarried to Caitlyn Jenner which also resulted in half siblings from step fathers sides. She has two sisters one brother from her biological parents and has one half sister and brother from step father’s side.

How much is Kim Kardashian Worth 2018 Vs Husband Kanye West


How much is Kim Kardashian Current Worth 2018 Vs Kanye West

  • $ 150 M Vs $ 160 M

Per Year Income:

  • $51 M Vs 48 M

She was known to the world when she and her family members singed to work over the reality series. The show was drastically admirable across the world. Thereafter, this helped him to form several spin offs which increase her income. After appearing on many television series and movies, she was also a part of comedy shows as a guest appearance. Prior to this, she was recognized as a stylist to. No doubt she is one attractive lady in this industry who always captured media attention towards herself.

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