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How much is Lil Boosie Net Worth 2018 Money does Badazz Make a Year

The most magnificent rapper turned songwriter and actor were born in Baton Rouge. He had suffered a lot of problems during his childhood days. Lil Boosie is raised by a single parent as it is reported that his father murdered when he was very young. His family calls him Boosie due to which this became his nickname. He grew up in a capital City of Louisiana. Though he has not spent a luxurious childhood he made victorious achievements in his rapping career. He achieved enough exposure to rapping when he took contribute in Concentration Camp group. Twelve years ago, he released his first debut album. Thereafter, he launched many other popular albums and did several collaborations.

He started making his name from a very young age and luckily he got successful. Currently, he is known by his stage name “Boosie Badazz”. It was stated that Lil Boosie had made approximate $4 Million fortune throughout his career. But after drug charges, this amount went down to $1 Million.

  • Lil Boosie Net Worth 2018: Currently its about $800 Thousand

Moreover, he owned a production house label and has launched many albums under his own production. He is also starred in a movie. His net worth may incredibly increase if he has not spent his golden years of career in prison.

How much is Lil Boosie Net Worth 2018 Money does Badazz Make a Year

Lil Boosie

These days he is living with his partner. In some resources, it is argued that the couple has raised seven children’s while in some resources 3 children’s are reported. Meanwhile, he was also involved in a number of love stories.

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In social media, he is not recognized as a reputable rapper as he frequently visited prison because of his drug addiction problem. He was also kicked out of his high school due to drugs. It is assumed that in future, this problem might bring the biggest change in his life that might be in his professional career or maybe in his personal life. Well, he is fond of wearing heavy gold chains, rings, and shades.

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