Rick Harrison Net Worth 2023 Salary per Episode Earning

Surely, businessmen do earn a lot. Their bank accounts and cash drawers are all the time filled up. Here, get to know that how much Rick Harrison is earning as he is a popular and distinguished one TV personality too. His current net worth and the amount he gets paid in terms of per-episode salary in 2023 is also here in detail. Do you know that he had a sharp mind at a young age and it was his main interest level that made him start his business? Yes, it is true! This man started his professional life at a very young age. When he reached the age of 13, then he started training right in the pawn business. It was his father who helped him a lot. Yes, both father and son established the first Gold and Silver Pawn Shop that was lucky for their business.

Rick Harrison Net Worth 2023

  • The round figures of Rick Harrison net worth 2023 is $9 Million(Approx.). It has been predicted that his pawn business actually earns about a million-dollar in the year.

Rick Harrison Salary per Episode:

From a session of Pawn Stars, his income was around $300,000. If we combine these earnings of Rick with his other business holdings then we have come to the conclusion that his yearly earnings are about $1.5 Million.

House and Car:

It is heard that this dream house has a first-floor sort of master suite. His villa too consists of a bar and also a large walk-in kind of closet. This also has a master bath and quartz countertops and to rock tiled shower.

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Bathrooms have a spa tub and these tubs are surrounded by mosaic tiles. The first floor of this house too contains the kitchen, it has a living room and a dining room, and it has a family room and two stairways. These are the viral detail of his house that is yet not confirmed by him or some other reliable source.


This man loves to buy cars and we came to know that his personal choice is the Porsche Panamera. In short, he is a moneymaker; he got a business mind to make cash more and more all the time! By this entire net worth and success after a lot of hard work and long-time struggle.

What is the name of Rick Harrison's pawn shop?

His pawn shop is called the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

When did "Pawn Stars" first premiere?

The show first premiered on July 19, 2009.

Does Rick Harrison have any children?

Yes, he has three children named Corey, Adam, and Jake.

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