Wizkid Net Worth 2023 Vs Girlfriend Jada Pollock

This richest Nigerian singer has a classy looking home and also an extensive range of vehicles. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is also a wealthy singer. So let us have a look at the details that how much is Wizkid Net Worth 2023 vs his girlfriend named Justine Skye. It was due to this hits and blockbuster success that this young Nigerian singer started getting real cash and money in his pocket. For the information, he is the CEO of a music record label. Four years ago he gets started with this music company. It is the one that has been in partnership with the “Disturbing” London. Apart from this, he has faced much success in terms of endorsement deals.

Wizkid Net Worth 2023

  • The current net worth of Wizkid is almost $4 Million. He is the brand ambassador for a giant brand of drinks named Pepsi.

Jada Pollock Net Worth 2023:

  • $5 Million is th net worth of Jada Pollock.

Wizkid Net Worth 2023 Vs Girlfriend Jada Pollock

How much is Wizkid Net Worth in 2023 Vs Girlfriend Jada Pollock

Yes, her girlfriend named Justine Skye is also a talented lady. Although he earns a lot from modeling and singing; but yet he has not revealed his career earnings.

  • How much is the Net Worth of this couple in 2023?
Wizkid                  VS Jada Pollock
$4 Million             Girlfriend $5 Million

Career Details of Wizkid:

He is famous with the name of Justin Bieber of Africa. Wizkid is the owner of the filling station which is located in Victoria Island.

He is just 26 and can you see how much he is earning! Wizkid is a rich man, though he belongs to Nigeria, Africa he has made a big name in this singing and songwriting world. He is the only celeb in Nigeria who endorses this brand. He earns N60 million from this endorsement deal.  It is all because of the booking of artists, because of his hit singles release and because of the album sale, he makes his earnings. Seven years ago (at the start of career) this Nigerian Justin Bieber became famous because of his hit.

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