How Much Salary Michael Weatherly Make per Episode 2018 Net Worth

He is known for a number of TV serials. In these Michael Weatherly presented multiple kinds of role. ‘Dark Angel’ is another hit serial in which he portrayed the role of Logan. It is reported these hit serials leaves a huge impact on his income. He nominated for Saturn Award. In addition, throughout in his professional life, he received a number of other titles. He is also a great director. This year he declared his retirement from NCIS, his successful journey in this TV series ended up after 13 years.

The salary of Michael Weatherly that how much does he make per episode in 2018 is here in detail along with his net worth amount. Through professional life he earns a lot, his hard work has a major contribution to this entire wealth.

Therefore, his major source of income is acting and directing.

  • Total Net Worth = $ 18 M (Includes Assets, deal, and liquid cash)

NCIS per episode earning= $ 250,000

This famous American actor turned director and writer was born in NY. His father worked as an importer at the Swiss American Knife whereas his mother was appointed as an administrator at hospital. He had spent a major part of his life in Fairfield. He is of Irish descent. Initially he went to Country Day School and did graduation from School which resides in Massachusetts. Later, he went to University in order to complete his studies.

He left his education to focus on acting career. From the early time, he is fond of playing musical instruments such as guitar and piano. Afterwards, he draws his whole attention towards acting career. He gave his first debut performance in a sitcom.

How Much Salary Michael Weatherly Make per Episode 2018 Net Worth

Michael Weatherly

He also has a love life. First, he got married to Amelia Heinle, co-star actress. The couple gave birth to one son. After two years of marriage, the couple got separated. Later, he got engaged to Jessica Alba for two years. Eventually, their relationship got ended. Seven years ago he remarried to Bojana Jankovic, internist Dr. by profession. The couple has two children’s. Now he  is living with his family in Los Angeles. He is the good looking guy that why he was enjoying with a couple of these pretty ladies.

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