How To Come Up With A Terrific Thesis For Your Dissertation


Do you find yourself stuck trying to write a thesis for your dissertation? If you do, it is understandable. Writing a thesis statement is a challenging task for lots of people today. This is because it needs careful planning, critical thinking, loads of in-depth research, and dedication. However, there are helpful tips and platforms like that can help you overcome these obstacles and come up with an interesting thesis.

This article will highlight and discuss five helpful tips to help you come up with a terrific thesis for your dissertation.

Understand what you want to write about

The first thing anyone who will approve or mark your dissertation will see is your thesis. It is the first point of attraction and what your entire writing would be about. Hence, you must ensure that you understand what you are writing about before you jump into choosing a thesis. A good knowledge of the subject matter will help you tailor the topic to fit the message. So, read extensively and widely to deepen your knowledge.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about

Writing a dissertation is not something you can breeze through. It requires a great deal of thoughtfulness, patience, and lots of research. As such, just as it is important to understand the subject matter, you should be passionate about it. This is because when you write about something that you have passion for, your thoughts will form, and your work will be engaging. Also, when it gets frustrating to research and write, your love for what you are writing about will keep you going.

Identify the issue

A well-prepared dissertation thesis starts with identifying the problem. The problem in this context is the question you want to answer or the subject issue your dissertation will address. So, this makes it important that you explain clearly the question you want to answer or talk about in clear, simple terms. This is important because it lays the groundwork for everything that your dissertation will contain. It will also guide you throughout your writing process, as you will know exactly what to look out for.

Do lots of research

Research is the next thing you should do after you have a topic. Read widely and extensively in the books, articles, and magazines related to your subject. Doing this will help you gain the knowledge needed to start writing. It will also expose you to things you might otherwise not have known. As you do your research, make sure that the sources you are using are reputable and verifiable.

Write a clear and specific thesis statement

Your thesis statement should be engaging, arguable, and not just a yes-or-no answer. It should be something that needs to be proven, argued about, specific, and followable with evidence. This is important because thesis statements are not just random questions or ideas that you come up with. They are statements that project arguments with evidence and facts that are verifiable.

Also, your thesis should go straight to the point, be simple, and be easy to understand. It should also start with what you intend to do during the writing. For example, it should start with an opening sentence such as “In this essay, I will argue about.” Bear in mind that you should have evidence or proof of your statement.

Pay attention to the scope

The scope of your thesis is the boundary or invisible guide for your writing. It dictates all that your dissertation will contain. As such, it is important that you do not choose a problem that is not expandable or too narrow. Your problem should not also be too broad. This is because you would either find it challenging to develop the topic or have too many aspects to cover. So remember that your thesis statement should not be too narrow or too broad.


Finally, crafting a terrific thesis statement is the most important step in your dissertation writing process. This is because it is the basis for all your writing will discuss. It will also serve as a compass to guide you and point out what your dissertation should contain. As such, by following the tips above, your thesis statement crafting process will be easy. They will also guide you in creating thesis statements that meet standards and requirements. 

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