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Jake Paul Net Worth 2018 he Make on Disney Channel Youtube is How Much in a Year

Four years ago, Jake initiated his profession by posting videos of him in a 6 sec application Vine. Thereafter, Jake was cast for Disney Channels sitcom as Dirk along with other great stars. His acting was admired by audience thus he began giving best of his acting skills in many other sitcoms, movies, and television series. Recently he has commenced his own company by investing $1 Million. The main target of the company is to monetize brands, celebrities, stories and all the other business activities related to Teen Entertainment and Media. In May 2018, his launched song ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ actually got a degree of virality with the collaboration of Team 10.

At present times, Jake running his own YouTube channel by his own name. He frequently posts funny videos of him. Around Seven Million people have subscribed to his channel and over One Billion video views as of June 2018. The entire professional life of Jake Paul shows that his net worth is depending on his youtube and Disney Channel earnings.

How much he Make from these income sources in a year?

He is getting around Thirty Thousand (30,000) new YouTube subscribers every day. Thus he has amassed a sizeable amount of fortune till now from his channel. It is supposed that he is earning $18K per day and approximately $6 Million per year.

He is also sharing his Vlog over his channel. Up till now, his ‘The White House’ Vlog is speculated as the most daring and audacious stunt. Jake spent January 2018 eve over there, later he hide in the washroom and stayed there for few hours without being notified by security staff.

  • Jake Paul Net Worth in 2018: Around ($7.5Million)

Note: These are not too accurate figures


Bio: This sensational social media icon, actor, Vine actor, and a model was born in Cleveland, to Pam (mother) and Greg (father). Logan his elder brother is also a social media star and an actor too. During High School, he often amuses his mates with freaky acts and jokes that ultimately bring cheers and laughter to their faces. During his academic years, he took interest in acting and arts.

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