Jeannie Mai Net Worth 2023 Vs Husband Young Jeezy

Jeannie has not such background that helped her in the career. First time, she co-hosted a show ‘Stir’ that was of Asian-American magazine-style. This show was selected for the Emmy Award, which was actually a big reward at the beginning. Afterward by looking at her experience and energetic appearance, she was called to host a musical show ‘California Music School’. Soon, the entire show was hers. Her career doled out when she got associated with Warner Bros Television and then reported and produced a show ‘Daily Mixx’. The program boosts her career and earnings significantly.

She is simply gorgeous, the best example of a super lady that set the best standards for life. Meanwhile, personally, after the failure of first marriage, she tied knot with Young Jeezy. Despite wealth difference, this couple spends a happy life together.

Jeannie Mai Net Worth 2023 Vs Husband Young Jeezy:

  • The following contrast of the net worth shows a dissimilarity of Jeannie Mai from her second husband young jeezy in 2023.

Earnings Comparison of this Couple:

Jeannie Mai Net Worth 2023 VS Husband Young Jeezy Net Worth 2023
$5 Million Approximate $11 Million

Note: These are not completely accurate figures.

The above table shows that Jeannie Mai owns less fortunate than her husband. But, a good understanding in them makes it possible that they are happy.

Its true that because of extraordinary contribution in the industry, Jeannie was also picked as a judge for the reality show ‘Miss America: Reality Check’ and collected the title ‘Wearapist’ for herself. Consequently, she was also the host of ‘How Does I Look?’ and of Miss Universe contest. As a makeup expert, she is currently making a mark on various TV shows like ‘Fashion Tips Today’, ‘Extra TV’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’. She is also hosting a talk show ‘The Real’ from the last four years.

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Besides making a name as a fashion expert, hostess, TV personality and executive producer, she is involved in many non-television activities. She is appointed as the brand ambassador of premium companies like ‘Macy’s’, ‘Colgate’, ‘The Limit’ and many others. She is the partner of Perez Hilton’s fashion website. Moreover, she hosted a show on YouTube.

She is not a gold-digger. She has kept herself busy by doing philanthropic work. She is working for NGO’s like ‘Heartbeat Vietnam’ and ‘NightLight International’. She is a motivational speaker too.

pretty one Jeannie Mai

Short Bio of Jeannie Mai:

This big name of current time was born in San Jose. She is from a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. She studied at Milpitas High School and then enrolled at ‘De Anza College’ to collect a degree in Communications. Then, Jeannie dreamed of becoming a makeup artist. At 18, she was recruited by a Cosmeceutical Company. In a while, she toured the main areas of the world for MAC. Thereafter within no time, she started work for superstars as make-up and got recognition in whole world.

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