Jimmie Johnson Net Worth 2021 NASCAR Driver Career Earnings Salary

Basically, Jimmie got familiarity in the racing world when he conquers three straight stadium motocross tournaments. In the beginning, Jimmie manages to race insignificant series like MTEG, SCORE, and SODA and made 100 top-three finishes in around 25 races of 6 championships. Moreover, he ended up with Rookie of the Year title in 3 leagues. These successes at the beginning phase of career, not only enhances his income but made him recognized all over the world. At the present time in 2021, he is one of the wealthy NASCAR Driver, whose earnings are still rising up. The basic source of Jimmie Johnson’s net worth is his racing career Salary, Winnings prize money, and Endorsements. Further if one compiles the career of this racing car driver then around nineteen years ago, he and his team Herzog Motorsports instigated stock car racing.

Later on, Jimmie qualified for the American Speed Association Grand National Circuit series and secured Rookie of the Year award. Successively, he moved to NASCAR Busch Series and then to Hendrick Motorsports for Winston Cup Series. He ended up at 5th during the first full season and then stood 2nd for consecutive three times.

Eleven years ago, Jimmie was proficient to succeed in his first Cup Series tournament and then further won the championship from 2007-2010. Thus became the first driver in NASCAR history to achieve the championship in a row. Thus the continuous success brought huge wealth to his bank balance.

However, in 2011, he embraces the 6th position and 3rd in 2012. Jimmie won his 6th championship in 2013 and then 7th in 2016. Moreover, he brilliantly won Daytona 500 championship two times i.e. in 2006 and 2013.

To date, he succeeds in 83 races and secured significant poles positions and points. At present times, he is racing for Hendrick Motorsports and driving Chevrolet SS No. 48.

Current earnings stats of this NASCAR Driver

  • Jimmie Johnson income of last year: Roundabout $22 M

It’s further dividing in……

  • Salary adding up to Prize Money: $17 M
  • Sponsors Income: $5 Million

Furthermore, he is also very famous in movies, TV series, sports magazines, music videos, and video games. Thus all these jobs grow his money too.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth 2021:

A close amount of about $150 Million is the Jimmie Johnson net worth 2021.


Moreover, throughout his career, he is heavily paid by Seiko, Gatorade, and Chevrolet.

Personal Life: Jimmie is a married man. He is now having a harmonious relationship with his wife Chandra Janway. From the last fifteen years, the couple knew each other. They are enjoying parenthood by nourishing two daughters named Lydia and Genevieve.

top one Jimmie

Bio: This prominent stock car racing driver was born in El Cajon. He is the eldest son of Gary Ernest (father) and Catherine (mother). His younger brothers named Jessie and Jarit. When he was a student at High School, he raced motorbikes at weekends. Thus he began his career by riding 50 CC bikes and then at the age of 8, he won his first event by riding 60CC bikes. Jimmie’s dad was concerned about his son’s interest and occupation, accordingly, he moved across the USA with him to partake on several occasions.

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