Jon Jones Net Worth 2023 Earnings UFC Salary per Fight

From this article you will easily get the idea about Jon Jones Net Worth 2023. Undisputed Jon Jones is the greater and most dangerous mixed martial athlete and he proved his legacy many time. He is also a former UFC Champion in the category of Light Heavyweight. Another interesting fact about this is an athlete is that he has been the youngest champion by far in the history of UFC. Yes, it is true he is only Jon Jones! It is because of these successes that his net worth during 2023 has come out to be 12 million dollars. Get a brief detail about his earnings salary that he got from UF also check out how much money he makes for a per fight:

Jon Jones Net Worth 2023

Yes, Jon Jones net worth 2023 is round about $3 Million. Undoubtedly these are remarkable figures that is why we are quite sure that his net worth will come out to be double and triple in the near future. He is one of the greatest fighters which we have ever come across in the sports world.

Jon Jones Earnings 2023:

Plz, wait for the Jon Jones earnings 2023. Endorsements are the major part of his income as he is going to the peak of career. If we talk about his sponsors then in past Nike and also Gatorade are his main partners. Training apparel and too fighting shoes have been launched by him. He gets $2 Million per year because of this agreement. After this, he signed an agreement with Reebok, but this was brought to end right after a couple of months.

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This all happened is due to his criminal activities that also cause suspension from UFC. Right now he deals with GAT that is his main partner who pays his approximate 5 Million Dollars. If we talk about his current career disclosed earnings then they are 1.5 Million Dollars.

Jon Jones Net Worth 2023 Earnings UFC Salary per Fight

Jon Jones Salary:

  • From UFC: Last year, his salary was near to 5 Million Dollars that is also a handsome amount.
  • The money he makes per Fight: Not Sure


He has been residing in Ithaca. Four years ago when he purchased this house at the cost of .6 Million Dollars.

 “Jon Jones per Fight Money”

In the past, his average purse per fight was $1 Million. His show up money on the per fight basis is .5 Million Dollars. When he won any of the fights than most of the time, he got a winning bonus of 2 Million Dollars. Now, he earns much more from these figures.

Jon Jones Net Worth 2023 Earnings UFC Salary per Fight

This is a short overview of his earnings UfC salary and money he gets paid for the per fight that combines to make Jon Jone’s net worth in 2023. By winning more and more fights, we are sure that Jon Jones will become one day the most highly paid fighter in the world and that day will surely come. But with this, it’s also necessary that he change his attitude and get rid of all extra activities.

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