Kevin Durant Salary 2020 Contract Net Worth Income is How Much

He had spent a very challenging childhood and made many efforts for his better future. When he was a kid, his parents got separated. Thereafter, his father left his family and he was fostered by his grandmother and mother.   He has three siblings, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Durant attended the Christian Academy and then he went to Hill Academy. He actively participates in the school basketball matches. In his junior year, he played for Amateur Union League. Then, he traded to Montrose Christian School in his senior year and then enrolled in the University. Ten years ago, Durant was considered the second-best high school prospect. For the first time, he was drafted by Seattle SuperSonics in the first round with the second overall pick. Later on, this club combines with Oklahoma City and change the name into ‘Thunder’. Currently, he is the most important part of this team, below one can find the present contract detail of Kevin Durant in 2020 with his salary and net worth.

 Last year, he signed a contract with Golden State Warriors for two years worth $ 54 M.  Like other NBA players he is also making money from different sponsors.

 His endorsements list has top brand name include.

  • Degree Man
  • EA Sports
  • 2K Sports
  • Gatorade
  • Panini America
  • Sprint

 He has signed a deal with Nike of 7-years of worth $ 60 M. He also played a role of a basketball player in a film. So it is obvious that he earned a lot from the movie too.

How much is his Overall Income?

  •  Total Net Worth = $ 125 M ( Close to the Actual)

Durant in outfit

Nine years ago, he was titled ‘Rookie of the Year’ and in the next year, he maintained his reputation and achieved this title again. During the 2009-2010 seasons in the NBA, he earned the top score and befitted the ever youngest player to achieve the title. He has achieved All-Star title three times and a scoring champion for thrice times too. He always tries to overcome his mistakes, this spirit plays a vital role to make him a good player.

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