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Kyrie Irving Autograph Signing 2018 Meet and Greet Salary Net Worth

Without any doubt Kyrie Irving has a huge fan following. He has stolen the hearts of his fan through his powerful performances. Recently, this  basketball player goes through with the meets and greets session with his fans and signed an autograph at the show. Tickets were sold for $ 12.50 before the event. His signed jerseys, pictures and cards are available over the internet at affordable rates. So from multiple resources he has accumulated a huge amount of income. Moreover, the future autograph signing of Kyrie Irving in 2018 will come in forthcoming months where his fans have the option to meet and greet him.

Kyrie began his professional career when Cleveland Cavaliers picked him up. During his first regular season, he made remarkable records thus was voted for ‘NBA Rookie of the Year’ title. Furthermore, he gained NBA All-Star Game MVP and NBA Championship in last year. He got a chance to present his team internationally and got gold medals at last Summer Olympics.

From last six years, Kyrie is playing for Cleveland Cavaliers team as a pointing guard position. Three years ago, he renewed his agreement with Cavaliers for next five years of worth $ 90 million.

  • Kyrie Irving Salary in 2018: $7 M

Net Worth = $ 15 Million

Kyrie Irving

He is one of those promising athletes who is taking endorsements. He is heavily sponsored by

  • Pepsi
  • Foot Locker
  • Panini
  • Verizon
  • NBA 2K
  • PSD

Furthermore, three years ago his Nike’s signature shoes were introduced in the market and also earning from kicks sales. He has its own headphone line by the label ‘Skullcandy’.

  • Kyrie Irving Autograph Signing Schedule in 2018: Soon Disclose

Below is not exactly a meet and greet event, basically, this is training event, where he gives useful tips about this game.

Bio: This considerable NBA player is the second of three children who were born to American parents. When he turned into 4, his mother died. Dredrick (his father) was also a basketball player at University and professionally played for Bulleen Boomers. At 2, he moved to the USA along with his family and then lived at West Orange.

Early Life: Kyrie attended at the School in Chicago and showcases his skills in basketball. Consequently, he began taking part in other competitions such as Nike Hoop Summit of Games. His magnificent abilities lead him to get nominated for CO-MVP along with Harrison Barnes and became notable in basketball association. Similarly, he was selected for the U18 FIBA Americans Cup and receives the team gold medal. Later, he began playing for University under the supervision of best coach but missed few seasons because of the foot injury. But this is a start of this journey.

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