Larry King Net Worth 2023 Marriages Wife

Today we will talk about Larry King Net Worth 2023 Marriages Wife. Super-talented radio and television presenter Lawrence Harvey Zeiger was born, in Brooklyn, New York, US. Edward (father) and Jennie (mother) were his parents. His father deals in garments and his mother ran a restaurant and associated with defense plant too. He completed his formal schooling from Lafayette High School and then quit studying to help his mother in household matters. Additionally, Larry was seeking for job and luckily a radio station WMBM located in Miami hired him. During the initial few years, he worked at the back-end but after the resignation of one announcer, he started doing on-air shows and began earning $55 per week.

Larry King Net Worth 2023

  • About, $170 Million is the Larry King net worth 2023. Now, he is not too active in the industry that’s why his income will probably not increase further.

From 2012, he is also giving attention to his production company. It is estimated that he is making around $10k per week through thirty-second ads mentioned in his videos and then do so he gains a million viewers on most of his YouTube videos.

Larry King Net Worth 2023 Marriages Wife

Larry King Short Bio:

Hereafter, he worked for WIOD by taking interviews for a mid-morning show at Pumernik’s Restaurant. It is reported that during the 1950s-1960 he interviewed and worked as a journalist and thereafter he began collecting recognition.

But, Larry became stardom during 1978 by becoming an all-night national radio broadcaster. Henceforth, he touches the pinnacle of success by hosting a television program ‘Larry King Live’ for CNN.

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He did the program from 1985 till 2010 and in this tenure, he collected an immense. These days, 84 years old Larry is hosting a show ‘Larry King Now’ on RT America and Hulu and doing a weekly show ‘Politicking with Larry King which is broadcasted from the same two channels.

Larry King Marriages:

Till date, he married 8 times to seven women. In 1952, he married first time to Freda Miller. Both of these two interacted during high-school times at that time he was just 19 years old. As per reports, their relationship ended due to their parents as they alleged that they were too young to marry.

  • 2: He then tied the nuptial knot with Annette Kaye, with whom he has a son Larry Jr. born in November 1961. However, no emotional relation found between the father and son.
  • 3: The year his son was born, he married a third time to Alene Akins. But, once again he called off this relationship in the following year.

4: Furthermore, Mary Francis was his fourth wife; this duo celebrated their wedding in 1963. After some time, he reconciled with third wife (Alene Akins) and gave birth to baby Chaia in 1969 and ultimately finalized divorce procedure second time in 1997.

  • 5: In 1976, Larry shared the marriage vows fifth time with Sharon Lepore. Sharon teaches mathematics and assisted in production projects too.
  • 6: In 1989, Larry encounters Julie Alexander, a businesswoman. He proposed her on their first date, and she became his sixth wife. But, they divorced in 1992 and already parted their ways after a few months after their wedding.
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Larry King Wife:

In 1997, he married seventh times to Shawn Southwick. She is a host, actress, and singer by profession. In the above Larry King Net Worth 2023 is given. Together they have two children. In 2010, the coupling field for divorce but they reconciled immediately. Now he is five children from eight marriages and living in Beverly Hills, California. Now, in 2023, once again he is seeking a divorce from this lady. Meanwhile, they are seperated from the start of this year.

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