Lee Westwood 2020 Earnings Net Worth Girlfriend Wife

Yes, Lee is one of those distinguished golfers who won championships at five different continents that include Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Australia. Moreover, Lee was given the title of ‘Player of the Year’ during 1998, 2000 and 2009 seasons.  Apart from this, he is the winner of the ‘2000 European Tour Order of Merit’ as well as the ‘2009 Race to Dubai’. But the victory of the ‘Ryder Cup’ tour is considered a remarkable achievement for his career.  It was a great tournament between the two leading teams (USA & UK).

Surely, Lee is named ‘Mr. Consistent’ because of his performances throughout his years of playing. In 2010, he was enrolled among the top place of world golf rankings thereby ending the reign of Tiger Woods and luckily it was lasted for over 22 weeks. It is said that he became the first English golf player to have this position after Nick Faldo in 1994.

Lee Westwood Earnings 2020:

  • The Lee Westwood earnings 2020 has yet not established.

Lee Westwood Endorsements:

  • Lee is heavily endorsed by Ping Golf Clubs. He signed a contract with them since his junior year. So, up till now, he is in contract with them. UPS, a logistics company also endorsing him well.

Lee Westwood Net Worth 2020:

  • Approximately, Lee Westwood’s net worth 2020 is $40 Million.

Personal Life:

Lee Westwood Wife:

  • Ex: Laura Coltart Westwood

After the divorce, Lee was very disappointed. Even he stated that it’s not easy for him to play golf after split up.

Lee Westwood Girlfriend

No doubt, his current girlfriend played a major role in stable his life and now he is playing his game with full concentration.

Lee Westwood Girlfriend 2020:

  • She is Helen Storey.

lee along with Helen

Short Bio on Lee Westwood:

This, notable English golfer was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England. , England. John Westwood his father, a mathematician by profession brought him up. While at school, he was excelled in cricket, rugby, and football. Well, he is playing golf since the age of 13. At 17 during the amateur years, Lee received his first trophy that was Peter McEvoy. After this, Lee conquered the British Youth Championship. Apparently, his both professional and personal life seems good.

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