Mario Balotelli Salary 2018 Net Worth Wages per Week

You can for sure call Mario Balotelli as one of the most interesting players of this soccer world. Regards to provide some facts about his professional life; he plays as a striker for the team of Ligue 1 club Nice and also for the Italy national team. He is just 26 years old and right now, he has huge money in total net worth, his salary on per year basis, wages per week basis is quite a massive one. He is endorsing lots of deals. It is true that now soccer has been a great fun to be watched these times because Mario is here! He has all the time given pure genius kind of tactics right on the field.

He has given us these moments of pure and special entertainment off the field as well. We have seen him inducting in the cases of burning down his own bathroom with this firework, he is all the time been inducted into these gossip pages. Check out the further details of his earnings from here:

Mario Balotelli Salary 2018:

  •  Yearly: 7 Million Euros
  • Per Week Wages: 72,000 Euros


He has signed this endorsement deal with a top German manufacturing Boot brand named Puma. Last time this soccer player has ended his association and agreement with the Nike Company. This player is now among the Puma-sponsored stars.

Mario Balotelli Net Worth at 2018:

  • 37 Million Dollars

He is also a big and massive spender on his cars. He has this huge bunch of top automobiles; he also likes to buy life-sized statues of himself.

Mario Balotelli Salary 2018 Net Worth Wages per Week

a best player Mario Balotelli

Without any hesitation he is a promising player on the field, he is energetic and young too. He is endorsing big brands. If he will remain fit then after a decade, he will for sure become the richest player in this soccer sports world. Way to go, Mario, you have a bright future ahead and on your way. But always be focused on your game, because you will do much better than this one. More ever future of athlete only depends on his performance.

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