Mark Harmon Salary per Episode 2018 Earnings Net Worth

Besides the fame, nominations, and accolades, he has earned huge amount of net worth. His name is placed among the highest paid actors of the entertainment industry. According to the Forbes, his main source of income is TV but he is also doing side business. Very close to the actual salary of Mark Harmon per episode in 2018 is here. It is also reported that 64 years old actor is also earnings from investment, endorsements etc. He is sponsored by CoverGirl cosmetics. He is the owner of the restaurant chain. Recently, he has also introduced his brand Vodka, along with a perfume and fashion line too. Now he is the most moneyed man in the industry.

  • Total Net Worth = $ 41 Million

NCIS per episode Earning= $ 705,000

Professional Life: Forty-Three years ago he got the significant role in, an American sitcom. After four years of this, he made his first debut appearance in movies. He acted in drama as Billy Joe Meynert. Side by side he was also performing in Disaster movie sequel. Thirteen years ago he was familiarized across the world when he was featured in NCIS, TV series as SSA Leroy Jethro Gibbs. That role was considered a landmark achievement in his career. Two years ago, he worked as an executive producer of this Series. According to the latest update in 2018, he decided to leave NCIS, till the reason behind this biggest decision has not disclosed.

He has contributed a lot to this glamorous industry. He has also won several nominations and awards for his contributions. In his career, he has got Golden Boot Award, honored by Star on the Walk of Fame and also given by the Prism award for NCIS series.

Mark Harmon Salary per Episode 2018 Earnings Net Worth

Mark Harmon

Early Life: He is the youngest child of Elyse Knox mother and father. From the beginning, he is surrounded by the talented people as his parents won the Heisman Trophy for their amazing performances in college football. In a meanwhile, his father was a broadcaster and mother was an artist and actress by profession. He has two sisters named Kelly and Kristin. He belongs to Austrian background but has an American nationality.

  • Per Episode Salary of  Mark Harmon in 2018 Earnings: $ 705,000

Net Worth: $ 41 M

First, he completed his high school education and then received his junior college education from the institute in, Los Angeles. Subsequently attended the University, where he played football for a local team for next two years as a quarterback. After completing his education, he was associated with law or advertising. Though, he has many other future plans too and was cast by an advertisement agency, which after some time became his identity in the TV industry.

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