Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023 vs Wife Rhea Durham

There is a big difference between Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023 vs Wife Rhea Durham. Undoubtedly, Mark Wahlberg is a well-settled businessman, as well as a talented American actor too. His wife Rhea Durham is also equally talented. She is an American fashion model, so both of them are making massive cash these days! Here, one can know the approximate figures that how much Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham are making these days and what is their exact net worth and yearly income in 2023. Starting from Wahlberg, he is the greatest actor; each and every film automatically comes out to be a blockbuster. He has been a two-time nominee when we talk about the Oscars. When it comes to the earnings of the Hollywood world, he is called as one of the high-profile actors.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023:

  • Yes, around $400 Million is Mark Wahlberg net worth. It was because of his super hit film that had done record businesses.

Mark Wahlberg Income 2023:

  • It is heard that his last year estimated earnings are $60 Million. But, this year’s earnings will confirm soon.

Rhea Durham Net Worth 2023:

She has a wealth of total of $20 Million. She keeps on appearing on the cover pages of top magazines as well she also earns a lot from modeling. But this is lesser than her hubby.

  • Salary:

Probably she paid a handsome amount in the form of salary but the exact figures have not been revealed yet.


She also likes to use and loves to be in the car collections made by his husband Mark!

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Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023 vs Wife Rhea Durham

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023 VS Husband Rhea Durham Net Worth 2023
$400 Million Approximate $20 Million
  • Note: We got these earnings stats and other info of this couple from different online resources. So, these are not authentic ones.


He has a Bentley Azure whose price is not mentioned anywhere.

  • He too owns a best one Porsche Panamera that is also a luxury automobile in town.,

He has this unassuming car Toyota Sienna Minivan. This car of him has a direct Tv and too tinted windows along with rims.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2023 vs Wife Rhea Durham

Personal Details of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham:

Both of them have been living in Beverly Hills. He has invested in this six acres Beverly park that reaches the amount of 14 million dollars. This house has a full-sized kind of basketball court and also a guest house. You will be seeing a huge foot outdoor room and a home theatre along with a large gym too. This is a dream house for both of them and it has been constructed after 5 years.

After this whole comparison, it’s clear that yearly income as the well net worth of Mark Wahlberg is too much greater than the net worth of his wife Rhea Durham during 2023. A part of their profession, they are in true love, they bonded for a long time and till spends a happy life.

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