MC Hammer Net Worth 2018 House How Much Money did He Make

Its fact about hip hop industry, that all of the belonging stars and the artists are earning much. Previously, net worth of MC Hammer had proved this reality. He used to be a millionaire but now he is living on the edge when his financial life is in the discussion. Because of the bankruptcy, he is seeing a downfall in his financial life. Even he sold out his house of $30 Million worth in just $7 Million. Undoubtedly, MC Hammer Net Worth in 2018 has surprised everyone that how much money did he lost in last few year. Now he is in revival state, and still he is much intelligent to earn handsome fortune. Along with a best of the hip hop artist, he is also a best dancer of his time. It is from these professions that his income is relied on!

How Much Money did He Make?

  • MC Hammer Net Worth in 2018:

$2 Million

You will be shocked to hear that there was a time, when he used to be a multi-millionaire. Yes, this artist used to earn in million dollars at one part of his career life but later on, he saw a downfall. It was reported that he lost almost all of his wealth because of few controversies.

Past Earnings:

Twenty six years ago hi annual salary used to be 33 Million Dollars but as you can see that his wealth of him has now only become couple of million! It is heard that his estimated income right from the sales of his album is 306,000.


As per reports, he has a home in Tracy. Right after losing his fortune, this artist had to sell his million dollar house.

MC Hammer Net Worth 2018

MC Hammer

With Happy Family

Beyond such crisis in professional life he spends a consistent married life. His wife supports him in every condition of life. They never lose their hopes, this spirit helps them to take out from difficult time. He always remember because of his contributions in industry. He considers as founder of such music career. Along this he also worked in TV and film. His whole life has a list of achievements.

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