How Money John Cena Paid per Match by WWE Fight Net Worth in 2018

He is one of the most popular wrestlers in this WWE world. He can truly be called as one of the bankable stars in the wrestling. He has earned many titles, he does acting, he does wrestling, he endorses brands and that is why question raised that how much money does John Cena get paid per match or on bases of per fight in a year. As per online sources, he has a net worth of 36 Million Dollars during 2018. Meanwhile, his annual salary is $6 M Per Year. We can for sure say that he has all the time worked quite hard to make these earnings. As his net worth has a handsome amount of money so this makes him the fourth of the richest wrestler in this world. His income also comes from the endorsements like the brand Gilette and Subway. He has endorsed Gold’s Gym and other brands too.

Many of us have made this expectation that for this year, he will be earned 6,750,000 Dollars and in the next ten to fifteen years, this figure will keep on be rising. This is details of his salary that he signed in five years contract.


He possesses many of the properties that have been revolving in the country of USA. But his home in the city of Florida has the value of 750,000 Dollars.

This is a kind of private and a gated community kind of place. This waterfront house also includes a swimming pool and you will too be seeing a boat dock.

In relationship life he has a strong affiliation with a pretty lady Nikki Bella, both are in strong bonding for a long time.

How Money John Cena Paid per Match by WWE Fight Net Worth in 2018



He loves to collect cars! He has this huge collection of vintage cars in his garage, some of them are

  1. 1971 Plymouth Road Runner
  2. 1969 Dodge Daytona
  3. 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge
  4. 1969 COPO Camaro

Much more are also in his collection, because he is car lover so he always prefers to travel on some luxury kind of vehicle. John Cena is the star does have million and billion dollars. But exact figures that how much money he gets paid by WWE for per fight or for a match in the year 2018 is not available online. But it’s clear that he has a handsome amount of net worth and this will expect to increase in an upcoming year. Because with the passage of time might be his earnings goes more up.

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