How much Money does Pewdiepie make a Year 2018 from Youtube Salary

Six years ago he created his own YouTube channel and at that time he was lucky to earn Seven Lac subscribers. At the start, he was known for playing and commenting on horror movies. Later, he started posting vlogs on weekly basis. Four years ago he told about his channel at Nonick Conference. At that time his channel contains the most subscribers. According to a survey report three years ago his channel has successfully maintained its position and has more than 37 million subscribers. In every video, Pewdiepie is playing the game and sharing his views and reactions. Most of the time he had used ‘Bro Army’ to his fans and at the end, he typically performs a ‘Brofist’. Once his channel was assumed as the Number 1 in terms of Sitecore. Day by day his social platform is gaining more subscribers. It is rumored that three years ago he traveled to the UK for improved internet connectivity.

From Youtube How much Money does Pewdiepie make the Year 2018?

Due to his channel, he has received the most honorable award such as Most Popular Social show.  A couple of years ago, his gaming platform also received the title of best channel. This is a major part of his earnings(salary); one could say that he is the richest YouTuber. During last year he has made $12 Million and in 2018 his net worth is under review. It is believed that it may be over $15 Million.

He is also enjoying his personal life too. He is in a relationship with a long-term girlfriend named Marzia Bisognin. Currently, the pair is residing in Brighton, England.


This young comedian was born in Gothenburg. His mother was a retired KappAhi CIO whereas her father was the CEO of the organization. He has only one sister named the Fanny. His original name is Felix Kjellberg but his maximum followers knows him with a professional name. While still in the school, he had a deep interest in arts as he can draw video game characters.

After completion of his graduation, later he joined the University of Technology to receive a degree but was dropped out from there because he was unable to focus on academics because of focusing on work. He states that he used the internet to collect funds for Research Hospital and for an animal saving Foundation.

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