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How much Money does Vanoss Make a Year 2019 Net Worth

It is seen that Vanoss is lucky to have over 24 Million subscribers and supporters. Within a week, he uploads almost 4-6 videos and almost every video successfully hit over 10 million viewers. However, his channel covers almost 13 million subscribers every day. Furthermore, Fong had done a lot of quality work with popular YouTubers such as Montoya, Tom etc. He was starred first time on-screen in July 2013 to celebrate one million subscribers of his channel. In 2014, he was selected for ‘Trending Gamer’ in the category of The Game Award.

Currently, his channel is listed as the 20th biggest channel of YouTube. Moreover, 26 years old Fong is now working on many other gaming projects.

How much Money does Vanoss Make a Year 2019?

  • The figures that how much money does Vanoss make a year 2019 will reveal soon.

He is making income by playing a game and then just posts that game online. The major projects of Fong’s generally include ‘Funny moments’, ‘GTA V’, ‘the call of duty series’, ‘Garry’s Mod’ and several other famous games.

Vanoss Net Worth 2019:

  • Vanoss has earned an estimated Net worth of around $8 Million from his channel.


Short Bio on Vanoss:

A Canadian YouTuber Evan Fong was born on July 31, 1992, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Korean mother and Chinese father. He is famous to subscribers by Vanoss or VanossGaming. Fong went to college to receive the degree in economics but due to extreme interest in games, he had to left the university and focus on his career. He is known for an ironic sense of humor and excellent editing skills.

During 2007, he had a deep interest in YouTube and thereafter he started following well-known people like SeaNanners and Whiteboy7thst. Eventually on September 2011, Fond created his own channel with the help of friends. Fong’s YouTube gaming channel is one of the most hilarious gaming channels.

The main content of his channel is to play games with friends, accomplishing different channels and finishing specific game modes. The main format of his channel is Vanoss and his close friends do chat with one another or with members and cracks jokes over gameplay.

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