Roman Reigns Net Worth 2023 WWE Salary

In this article, you will get the details about Roman Reigns Net Worth 2023 WWE Salary. Roman Reigns officially became a member of the wrestling world in 2010. Firstly he got training in Florida Championship Wrestling then in NXT. Later, he signed a two-year contract with WWE. Thereafter in 2012, he signed with the WWE roster, and in the following year, he made a trio under the title ‘The Shield’ with the collaboration of Seth Rollins and Deam Ambrose. Tragically, his crew got split in 2014 and he played WWE as single wrestler. In addition, he was titled ‘Superstar of the Year’ by Slammy Awards in 2014. He is also the Royal Rumble winner of 2015. As per income stats, Roman Reigns is one of the well paid WWE professional wrestlers because of his achievements. No doubt, he has made a huge amount of net worth that he actually deserves.

Roman Reigns Net Worth 2023:

  • The Roman Reigns net worth 2023 is $14 Million.

Furthermore, the below-mentioned amount is the Reigns annual salary whereas he has also gained much more from endorsement support deals and bonuses.

Roman Reigns WWE Salary 2023:

  • The Roman Reigns WWE salary 2023 will revise in next days.

Roman Reigns

Short Bio on Roman Reigns:

Yes, he is the son of Patricia A. Anoaí and Sika Anoaí. Anoaí has one brother named Rosey. Anoaí’s father Sika and his brother are also associated with the wrestling profession. Furthermore, many of his cousins already belong to the wrestling field. He is of Half-Italian and Half-Samoan descent.

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For high Schooling, Roman choose Pensacola Catholic High School. Later, he attended Georgia Institute of Technology to receive a bachelor’s degree. While studying, he started playing football for the Georgia Technology Yellow Jackets team. In 2007 he was enrolled in National Football League. The star of Anoí didn’t shine in football. Thus he left the football and start taking interest in wrestling.

Outside the ring life, it is found that Anoaí is married and the father of one daughter. He tied the nuptial knot in 2014 with Galina Joelle Becker. Yes, he carried his daughter at the public service announcement that depicts that fathers have a strong impact on their children’s life.

What is Roman Reigns' real name?

Roman Reigns real name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi.

Who trained Roman Reigns to become a wrestler?

Roman Reigns was trained by his father, Sika Anoaʻi, and his uncle, Afa Anoaʻi.

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