How much Does Tim Cahill get Paid 2023 Net Worth Salary Earn a Year

Yes, it’s clear from the performances of this footballer that he has been one of a star player. In the last few years, he is an important part of the Australian soccer national team. Meanwhile, as per net worth, Tim Cahill is one of the expensive football players by far! So, yes his salary will also be huge and massive in 2023. Just review here about the wealth of Tim Cahill that how much he does get paid or earn in a year along with house details: No doubt his earnings stats are booming now. We can say that he is on the money list in a genuine way.

Tim Cahill Net Worth in 2023:

In the current year, his wealth amount is 12 Million Dollars that is reported by the BRW. He has been called Australia’s richest athlete.

With Wife:Tim Cahill

How much Does Tim Cahill Get Paid


His salary is 11 Million Dollars that he earns in a year from a soccer club deal last year. If we go back only for four years, then his salary was only 4 Million USD. So, yes his salary range increased if we compared them with the previous one.

According to the latest updates, he left the Melbourne City club. So with which his new deal will in the pipeline has yet to declare.


He has huge garages; yes he is a massive car lover! He owns Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini. He is one of those players who apart from loving their sport also love to own cars.

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Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill Personal Details:

Complete Name Timothy Filiga Cahill
Nickname Tiny Tim
Date of Birth December 6, 1979
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Father Tim Cahill Snr.
Mother Sisifo Cahill
Hometown Sydney
Race/Ethnicity English and Irish
Brother Chris Cahill,  Sean Cahill
Sister Opa Cahill
Kids Kyah Cahill,  Sienna Cahill,  Shae Cahill
Wife Rebekah Cahill
Ex-Wife N/A

Tim Cahill Interesting Facts:

Weight 64 kg
Age 40 years
Hair Color Black
Height 5 ft 10 inch
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Eye Color Light Brown

Tim Cahill House:

Last year a story was published that his home is on Sale! Yes, he made plans to just sell his four-level family home. This house has comprised of an internal life, as it consists of a self-cleaning pool. For the information, this home of his had been bought ten years ago. It was purchased at a cost of $5. 5 Million.

Apart from this, he bought five-bedroom mansions in the last year too. This current home for him consists of a spa, gym center, sauna, and a home cinema. It has a landscaped garden. This property has been located in the South of Sydney.

After this answer comes very clear that how much does he paid to earn in a year, Tim Cahill owns massive wealth, he is the best player. He is a lover of cars, he has this huge net worth and salary in 2023, what else he can wish for!

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