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Natalie Morales Salary 2018 NBC Net Worth

This distinguished American correspondent and journalist were born in Taipei. She was born to Penelope and Lieutenant Colonel who served Air Force. Morales mother Penelope was a Brazilian descendant whereas her father was a Puerto Rican descendant. She has spent her splendid eighteen years of life in Brazil, Panama, and Spain because of her father profession, therefore, she knows Portuguese and Spanish languages too. At present, Morales is working for NBC News as a Journalist. She is the recipient of various awards and honors. She is also involved in several products advertising activities though none of them is mentioned. Moreover the salary detail of Natalie Morales in 2018 as well her current net worth is mentioning in below part of this article.

  • Net Worth = $ 16 Million

Morales enrolled in the University for Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Latin American studies. She also joined the honor society and receives graduation diploma in Summa Cum Laude. At the start of the career, Natalie did her first job at CourtTV being a weekend correspondent in Hartford, Connecticut then in a meanwhile she started working on a documentary. Later, she served as a broadcaster in The Bronx at the morning time and received gratitude from the community for being the most influential Latin Women.

  • Natalie Morales Annual Salary in 2018= $ 6 Million

Consequently, she worked for MSNBC for four years as an anchor and correspondent. While working with them, Natalie mostly cover national and international news such as the space shuttle disaster, Operation Iraqi Freedom and many other hot topics of that time thus enhances her income and fame.

Natalie Morales

Ten years ago she quiets her journey with MSNBC and did a contract with ‘Today’ show. After two years, she surprisingly became the third hour’s co-anchor. By the time she took over the Ann Curry as the newscaster. Furthermore, Morales also earned from doing the co-anchoring of various programs and hosting many beauty contests. With all these professional achievements she also spends a happy family life with two kids and a loving husband. Although she is now of 44 years tills have a super fit body shape. This fitness always makes her active.

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