Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2023 Salary Girlfriend


Parker Schnabel joined his mining business at an early age of 16 after the grandfather. Most of the fans want to know Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2023. So, here we give all the details. Yes, Parker worked hard and even used his college fund in the mining business. Shortly, he takes over and successfully runs the mining operations. No doubt, he had good leadership qualities and led the people twice his age. That’s why he runs his business at profitable margins. He impressively had 1029 ounces of gold, which was worth $ 1.4 million. Yes, Schnabel was also played his part in a few TV Shows. He appeared on reality Television show Gold Rush, The Dirt (2012-2016), Spin-off reality TV series and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2023:

  • The Parker Schnabel net worth 2023 has been close to $8 Million Dollars.

Parker Schnabel Salary 2023:

  • Parker Schnabel salary for 2023 is not confirmed.

Schnabel has been active on social media as well. His followers on Facebook are more than 823k, on Twitter more than 196k and on Instagram more than 210k.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend 2023:

  • Probably, Sheena Cowell is the Parker Schnabel girlfriend 2023.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2023 Salary Girlfriend

Parker’s girlfriend mystery is still not solved, so maybe he is single yet and has the ongoing effort for a great partner.

Meanwhile, Ashley Youle is the beautiful ex-partner of this gold rush star. He first met Ashley in Australia. Parker’s thought that Ashley is of his type. They developed a similar type of lifestyle and a sense of humor. At that time they popped up their pictures and videos on social media sites. While talking an interview in January 2017, he quotes his girlfriend as his wife. He announced that he is no more in a relationship and both are separated now.

A pic with Ex:

After this breakup, it is supposed that he has a relationship with Sheena Cowell as one picture that he had been revealed with Sheena, seated next to him around his arms near the signboard danger.

Short Bio on Parker Schnabel:

This American Gold Miner was born in Haines, AK. His father name Roger Schnabel is a mine owner. He is a tall boy with dark brown hair color and brown eyes. Parker has one brother, Payson Schnabel. He earned fame and popularity from the Discovery channel’s reality series show named Gold Rush. He adopted his father’s mining business from his young age.

What is Parker Schnabel's family background in mining?

Parker Schnabel's grandfather, John Schnabel, was a gold miner and founder of the Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska.

Has Parker Schnabel won any awards for his mining work?

Yes, Parker Schnabel has won the Young Achievement Award from the Alaskan Chamber of Commerce for his work in mining.

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