Paul Mccartney Meet and Greet 2018 Tour Dates Concert

Forty six years ago he started his own career and also connected with the Wings band. Till now, He has launched twenty-two studio popular albums and five classical albums. McCartney is so privileged to sell millions of copies of his albums which increase his net worth enormously. McCartney is not taking endorsement from any organization. Even he was not involved in any sort of activity in past. He has also made his name in social and political activism too. He has also given his services for the animal rights and against genetically land mines and modified foods. Right now in 2018 Paul Mccartney is busy in concert, where he also meet and greet with fans. Mean while his  tour dates also make public with online tickets option.

Net Worth= $ 1.2 Billion

Personal Life: Till now he is married thrice. First he encounter with a photographer Linda Eastman. The couple got married. He became father of Linda’s daughter. Thereafter, the couple gave birth to three children’s. The couple remains in the relationship until the Linda died because of breast cancer.

 After this, he remarried to a model Heather Mills. The couple welcomed one daughter together. But unfortunately, this wedding didn’t last longer and the couple spilt up. Currently, McCartney is enjoying his married life with Nancy Shevell.

Paul Mccartney with only wife

Tour Schedule in 2018

Concerts Dates:

  • 2018 Paul Mccartney Schedule: 

Tour Dates:

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Bio: This popular English singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist was born in Liverpool. His mother learnt the basics of nursing where his father was a firefighter volunteer during the World War II. Later, he did a cotton salesman job and was also associated with the local band as a pianist. At 14, his mother died because of breast cancer. That incident almost completely broke the young boy. He starts attending the church where he encountered with John Lennon. As, John already lost his mother at a tender age thus these two boys shared their grief and eventually became very close to each other.

John had formed the music band, and asked McCartney to become a member of the band. Later, the band split up and also changes its name. He had presented twelve studio albums and wrote several famous songs for the music industry. His song ‘Yesterday’ earned immense popularity and was played many times over radio and television. ‘Beatle’ was the leading band at that time which makes him an affluent man of the world.

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