PK Subban Salary 2016 Per Year Contract 2017 Net Worth

Like other leading players PK Subban is also endorsed and paid. It is rumored two years ago he signed a heavy contract of worth $ 72 million along with the Canadians for around 8 years. So he is also lies in the highest paid athletes has a handsome amount of dollars in his net worth. According to these figures he paid $9 Million Salary as per year of his contract during 2016 and subsequently in 2017. Nine years ago, he gave his debut performance into the NHL. Consequently, he was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in a second round pick. Later on, he played at an international level for his homeland in a World Junior Ice Hockey that was held in Czech Republic.

Subsequently three years ago because of his defending skills, he achieved the Trophy as the National Hockey League’s top defense man and was titled as the NHL First All Star team for upcoming two years. Two years ago he also won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics that was held in Sochi. While five years ago he was given the title of ‘Rookie of the year’.

PK Subban

Net Worth = $ 2.5 Million

Assets= Aventador (by Lamborgini)

Further it is found that he has a love life. He is dating to Adora Nwakwesi. There are no information of separation so this thing makes sure that they are in strong bonding.

  • PK Subban Salary on Per Year Bases in 2016: $9 Million

This Canadian professional ice hockey player was born in Toronto. Both of his parents migrated to Canada when they were 11 years old. His father was a great hockey and soccer player but professionally he didn’t play it; as the grandparents of Subban were not able to pick up the expenses. He has two sisters and two brothers. Both of his brothers also plays hockey. His original name is Pernell Karl Subban but this is not his professional identity.

New Contract Detail upto 2017 and then for six more Year:


At 4, he shared his feeling his father that he also wants to become a great hockey start. Since that time his father is a great support for him. He supported him and managed to pick up all the related expenses. Twelve years ago, he played hockey from a local League for the Markham Island and that became a great experience for him. He is appointed as a defense man and commenced his professional career for a time period of four years at OHL. PK Subban is a man who got all these achievement with hard work and these all thing make it possible in 2016 that he paid such handsome Salary. Although he signed a long deal but its good one for him as well for his team.

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