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Robin Roberts Salary 2018 Net Worth How Much Does she Make on GMA

Unquestionably, Roberts passion for sports enables her to hold the position of sportsperson right after the graduation when she commenced working with WDAM-TV station. After a year, WLOX-TV station hired her and then move to Tennessee to work with WSMT-TV. She then connected to WAGA-TV for two next years as a reporter. After their success, ‘ESPN’ television channel give a chance to improve their abilities as a sportscaster. Side by side, she managed to work on a morning show. Though at the beginning, she faces some difficulties with the passage of time, she overcomes with their intelligence.After this, it became her major source of income. A couple of years ago, she renewed her contract with GMA. Undoubtedly the salary of Robin Roberts in 2018 is enough to surprise. His net worth is also depending on these earnings.

How Much Does Robin Roberts Salary Make on GMA in 2018?

  • A well-known source reported: $14 M
  • While other Report it: $20 M

Robin’s total Net Worth = $ 38 M

She was honored to interview the president of United States. Robin was also featured in musical comedy series. Apart from this, she was selected for hosting a pre-show for Academy Awards.  She was awarded Peabody Award for GMA and by Arthur Ashe Award by ESPN. So increases her ranking in the industry.

Robin has also made money by publishing books. She is the author of 3 famous books. She has also established her own production company which makes all the content for ABC channel.

Robin Roberts Salary 2018 Net Worth How Much Does she Make on GMA


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Bio: Confident, successful and keen journalist was born in Tuskegee. She spent the major part of her childhood in Mississippi along with her other siblings and played tennis, basketball, and other games. For formal education, she attended High school in Pass Christian and then completed her graduation in communications on an athletic scholarship from a University in Hammond.

On account of her remarkable performances in a basketball game, five years ago her name was inducted into Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Because of all these achievements her popularity is going up with the arrival of every next year.

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