How much does Roman Atwood Make 2023? Roman Atwood Net Worth Salary

Since high school days, Atwood had an interest in producing and filming short clips. In 2006, he produced his debut DVD masterpiece having name ‘The Nerd Herd’ which was sold during the Warped Tour event. Before becoming the famous YouTuber he did work in several commercials as well as produced films in Columbus Ohio. He also claimed that before appearing on YouTube he was associated with the family business as his family runs rope factory by the name ‘Átwood Rope’.

On November 18, 2009, he introduced his first YouTube channel ‘RomanAtwood’. By 2010, he fully draws his all intentions and efforts towards his comedy channel ‘Sketch Empire’. He is best known for hidden camera prank videos. In March 2012, he uploaded his first prank video with the title ‘Cops Get Owned’.

Till now, Atwood has uploaded a huge collection of prank videos on the channel and on many of the videos, millions of views were seen. Atwood’s most popular prank videos are Plastic Ball Prank, Anniversary Prank and Killing My Kid Prank. So prankster, YouTube personality, comedian, vlogger, filmmaker, and actor have achieved huge fame and wealth.

How much does Roman Atwood Make 2023?

  • Yet, the current earnings of Roman Atwood have not confirmed by any official source.

Atwood’s vlog channel has more than 15 million subscribers. In 2016, he directed the film ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ with the collaboration of Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy that was produced by Lionsgate. Furthermore, he is awarded by three biggest awards as well as nominated many times for his work.

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Roman Atwood Net Worth 2023:

  • Around, $11 Million is the Roman Atwood net worth 2023.

Roman Atwood Salary:

  • Yet, the detail of Roman Atwood salary is not accessible online.


Personally, Atwood is the father of 2 children. In 2001 he married Shanna Atwood and ended up their relationship in 2008. The couple gave birth to a baby named Noah in October 2004. Thereafter, he began dating to Brittney and they also welcomed a baby named Kane in October 2011. Now he is living in Ohio along with his babies and girlfriend.

Short Bio on Roman Atwood:

Famous American prankster and vlogger Roman Atwood was born on 28 May 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA as Roman Bernard Atwood. He was born to mother Susan Anne Christman and father Curtis Dale Atwood II who have American nationality. But, he kept his early life very secret therefore his family background and educational stuff are not available online.

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