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Simon Cowell Wealth 2018 Salary Income Net Worth

Being a producer, television judge and entrepreneur his popularity and wealth increase at a whopping rate. He also owns a clothing line. Wealth details of Simon Cowell in 2018 that include his salary income and overall net worth is listing below. He is the producer of immense popular programs, movies, music videos and many others. He was also appointed as the judge of American Idol season and receives $ 33 million each season.

Now he is using his new label to release new records. All in all, his income rises enormously. Meanwhile, he is role model for all those who want to know a pure struggling personality.

  • Simon Cowell Wealth 2018:

$ 560 Million

  • Simon Cowell Salary 2018:

Its $ 55 Million based on per year( Its a major contribution of his annual income)

  • Simon Cowell Net Worth 2018:

$ 560 Million


BIO: This successful English entrepreneur and television personality were born in Lambeth. Cowell’s mother was a socialite and a ballet dancer whereas his father served as a real estate agent and an executive of the music industry. He has one brother and four half-siblings. While at school his behavior was not serious towards studies due to which he was mostly warned for this bad attitude. Later, Cowell attended the College but ultimately dropped out from there because of the lack of the interest in academics.

After dropping out from the college, Cowell did various odd jobs. He also on the movie sets as a runner but he left it too because everything seems so bored to him. Eventually, he found a job with the help of his father at Music Publishing Company as a mailroom clerk. His passion for television and music assists him to become an assistant to an A & R executive.

Simon Cowell Wealth 2018 Salary Income Net Worth

Smiley Cowell

Career: Later on, he left his job and created his own organization under the label E&S with the help of his previous boss but after a while, the company didn’t last long. He didn’t lose hope and formed another company with the collaboration of his partner. Organized produced a hit and got huge success instantly but unluckily after few years, the company wraps up.

After facing a hard time, he got a chance to serve as a consultant by BMG. He served well in the company and gave many hidden talents to the industry. In a while, he was drafted as a judge of reality television program. Soon he became familiar with the world and served as a judge and conducted music competition.

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