Southside Net Worth 2018 How Much Does he Charge for a Beat

Southside’s production style is not like the other regular recording artist. For beats composition he uses installed VST plug-in and digital audio workstation. From last three year, he is launching mixtapes in the series of Free Agent. Being a record producer and songwriter, Southside has composed a huge amount of net worth. However, it is not mentioned anywhere that how much does he charge for a beat in 2018? Up to now, he has launched over 5 mixtapes.

All the time he preferred quality over quantity, that why he takes time in selection. At present time it’s not easy to work with top stars in the industry, but with help of skills and hard work he makes everything easy for himself.

  • Southside Net Worth in 2018: Probably its ($2 Million)

How Much Does he Charge for a Beat? This specified info has not revealed Online

Seven years ago while at the high school, together with his friend; he founded a songwriting and record producing group. Subsequently, he signed a contract with 1017 Brick Squad Records. His debut song was first time featured on Waka Flocka’s album. This album was also facilitated him to co-produce a song ‘Watch the Throne’. Thus from that time, he got a chance to work with the other great artist of the industry.

Bio: This big star of the hip hop music industry was born in Atlanta. Joshua Howard Luellen is his actual name. His mother was of just 18 years old when he was born while his father Masaba Tyson was also a known record producer of his time.

Southside Net Worth 2018 How Much Does he Charge for a Beat

A pic of Southside with his friend

Southside was an excellent baseball player during his academic years and made numerous achievements but unluckily he gave up as he was diagnosed with a concussion due to a ball hitting on his head. At 14, one of his dear uncles gifted him a computer and then he began exploring and making new beats. Since then, he is busy in making beats.

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