Steve O Net Worth 2023: How Much Does Steve O Make a Year?

Famous comedian, actor, stunt performer, and producer Steve o net worth 2023 is crossing approx. 2.6 Million Dollars while how much does steve o make a year is millions of dollars. Started work as a record producer but with the passage of time, he performed as a comedian and stunt actor in different series and movies. But his most famous movie is Jackas in which he performed a controversial role. On the other hand, he has worked in many of the shows but his two shows that were most popular are ‘Totally Busted’ and ‘The Jump.’ Moreover, gather the new info related to Steve o Net Worth 2023: How much does Steve o make a year?

Steve o Net Worth 2023:

More then, 2.6 Million Dollars is the net worth of Steve O. During his career, he played different role in movies, series, and T.V shows. One of his hit venture is Jackass.

After the completion of this series he was appeared in Blind Horizon,’ ‘Passenger Side,’ and ‘Barely Lethal’ movies and played some little role. Due to his performance many of the shows offered him work and then he joined the ‘MADtv’ and ‘The Bronx Bunny Show.’

Net Worth Close to 2.6 Million Dollars

 How Much Does Steve O Make a Year?

It completely depends on projects because sometimes he works on several projects then yearly income increase but sometimes he does not work on single projects then the yearly income stats change.

But his average income is $220,000 a year. Most important when he free from work then make some little videos that depend on the prank and upload on YouTube channel and earns thousands of dollars from YouTube.

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Per Episode Approx. $220,000

How Much Did Steve O Make from Jackass?

He has already worked in 20 episodes of Jakass and now people looking the How Much did Steve O make from jackass. So when he performed any stunt then charged 500 hundred dollars for each stunt. He performed many of the stunts and you can better estimate the income from jackass.

Make From Jackass 500 Hundred Dollars for Each Stunt

 How Much Does Steve O Make on Youtube?

Youtube is earning platform for all people and many of the actors have created the channel and start a YouTube community. Same as it created the channel and then get the millions of subscribers who watch the video and he earns a handsome amount from YouTube. The average number of views on one video who come through different sources is 120,000 while the per day income from YouTube is not sure.

Youtube Earning Per Month N/A

Steve O Interesting Facts:

Wife Brittany and also Candy-Jane are his ex wives
Girlfriend  Lux Wright
Age 47 Years
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Tattoo N/A
Movies 8 Movies are in his account

Worth of Steve O for this year

Short Biography:

He was born in London but his father was the manager of Pepsi-Cola and moved to different countries on the call of the company with family. So Steve o has lived in different countries. But he stayed in major three counties that is Canada, UK, and the USA. His mother was Canadian and his father was half English and American. So, he inherit talent from two nations.

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