Ted Cruz Net Worth 2023 of Presidential Candidate

Politics is a very time and money taking profession. Presidential elections of the USA are not far away and are considered as the most valuable political race in the whole world. All the Presidential candidates are supposed to disclose their personal assets as well as their personal relations. Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate nominated for the United States Presidential ship in the election of 2023. He has an estimated net worth of $3.5 Million in 2023. Currently, he is working for the State of Texas being a junior U.S senator for last four years. It is reported that he has made a major part of his income from his political career, law practice and his wife is also his source of income.

Moreover, the applicant must have the assets range above $ 2.9 million. So, candidates having less are not eligible plus the known net worth should not be used as financial support during the campaign session. It is believed that for presidential ship wealth and money have equal importance hence it becomes very essential to know how much the candidate actually has and how they can assist people. Among these elected people Ted Cruz is one of them.

Ted Cruz

 His birth name is Rafael Edward Cruz. He was born in Calgary. His parents got separated when he was studying law at Law School. Ted has two elder half-sisters from the father’s side. He has multiple citizenships, Irish citizenship from his mother’s sides as his mother was one-quarter of Italian descent and three-quarters of Irish descent and Cuban from his father’s side as his father is from Cuba. First, he received Canadian citizenship and then later on earned British citizenship.

  • Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Net Worth 2023: $3.5 Million
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Initially, he was known for his significant role in a federal government shutdown. It is reported that he has numerous assets too such as good communication skills, debating skills and conservative perspectives on almost every biggest issue. So the fact is Ted Cruz has all the leadership skills.

Ted Cruz

Ted’s personal life is very clear. He tied the knot with only wife Heidi Nelson. They two met when both were working for W. Bush presidential campaign. She worked as a manager but solid understanding attached them permanently. The couple has welcomed two daughters. Both of these two are leading a very happy and successful life. But hope so his net worth remains stable. He is a strong candidate that why gives tough time to all competitor.

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